Amnesty International Video: 25 years since Baby Doc fled Haiti

Amnesty International, 7 February, 2011
To mark the 25th anniversary of Former Haitian president Jean-Claude Duvalier's departure from the country on 7 February 1986, Amnesty International is making public a number of video testimonies from victims of human rights abuses committed during Duvalier's rule.

Amnesty International's video features testimonies gathered by Amnesty International in 1985, when Duvalier was still in power. Testimonies include that of Yves Médard, who was arbitrarily arrested in 1983, Evans Paul, detained and tortured in 1980, Mark Roumain, unfairly detained for three years and Sylvio Claude, arbitrarily arrested and ill treated in several occasions.

"The fact that Haiti is actually investigating abuses committed during Duvalier's rule is a great step forward," said Gerardo Ducos, Haiti expert at Amnesty International. "However, it is imperative that the authorities don't loose momentum and make of this a swift and fair process, victims deserve no less."

During Duvalier's fifteen-year rule (1971-1986) Amnesty International documented scores of cases of arbitrary detentions, torture and disappearances. The former president is now in Port-au-Prince and is being investigated by local authorities on charges of corruption and human rights abuses.