Petition: Justice for Davidtchen Siméon! Protect labor and human rights organizers!

moleghaf cholera 2016.jpg

Recently, a new petition was posted demanding an investigation into the murder of MOLEGHAF organizer Davidtchen Siméon, and to protect other organizers. The petition is endorsed by several organizations and unions based in Haiti. It is directed at the Minister of Justice & Public Security (MJSP), the Inspector General of the National Police (PNH), and the Office for Protection of Citizens (OPC). 

 - CHIP Editors, Sept. 5, 2016

The following appears on the petition's website:

"We demand the immediate apprehension and prosecution for murder of police officer Jean Maxime and the other perpetrators and backers of the assassination of Mouvement de Liberté, Égalité des Haïtiens pour la Fraternité (MOLEGHAF) organizer Davidtchen Siméon on Saturday, August 13th, in Fort National, Port-au-Prince. And we demand that all measures within the government's power be taken to protect David Oxygène and other labor, human rights and democracy activists from further acts of harassment, intimidation, and violence."

Follow this link to sign the petition