Survey of beneficiaries of '16/6' rental subsidies shows housing of earthquake victims remains dire

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See the attached, two page report on the results of a survey of the beneficiaries of the '16/6' rental subsidy program. The survey was conducted by the Insittue for Justice and Democracy in Haiti and the Bureau de avocats internationaux.

From the conclusion:
"BAI and IJDH urge the Haitian government to adopt a long-term and sustainable housing strategy for poor Haitians who are still displaced from the earthquake. Housing for earthquake victims remains dire, even for those who have been relocated by the government 16/6 plan. The plan must provide affordable housing in addition to providing support services to help Haitians find employment so that they can provide for their families’ basic necessities in the short and long term. A sustainable solution is one in which the government, and other services providers like the IOM and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) consult with displaced Haitians and empower them to create long lasting sustainable improvements in the area of housing and all other basic human needs."