85% of Venezuelans oppose joining violent protests: Poll

85% of Venezuelans oppose joining violent protests: Poll

By Ryan Mallett-Outtrim, venezuelanalysis.com, July 7, 2017

An overwhelming majority of Venezuelans say they are unwilling to join violent opposition protests, according to a new survey.

Conducted by pollster Datanalisis, the survey found 85 percent of Venezuelans oppose participating in the “guarimbas” – a form of opposition protest involving barricading streets, and often resulting in clashes with state security forces. These protests have characterised anti-government demonstrations in Venezuela since 2014, and have long been controversial as flashpoints of violence. Only around 2-3 percent of the population actively supports the guarimbas and similar forms of violent protest, according to Datanalisis.

Published Monday, the survey also found 56 percent of Venezuelans are unwilling to join opposition protests generally, including non-violent marches.

The new figures call into question the opposition’s claims of having the support of the overwhelming majority of Venezuelans, amid an economic downturn and political crisis. For three months, Venezuela has been mired in political violence, with around 100 people dying amid the unrest.

The opposition is demanding President Nicolas Maduro leave office early, and some on the country’s right-wing have suggested calling for strikes and work stoppages. According to Datanalisis, only around 37 percent of Venezuelans would consider joining such a strike.


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