SOPUDEP School: Give, visit, or volunteer

SOPUDEP (Society of Providence United for the Economic Development of Petion-Ville) is a Haitian founded and run grassroots organization located in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The organizations Founder and Director is Madam Réa Dol; who to her credit, is a tireless advocate of a prosperous Haiti built on equality. Therefor, SOPUDEP’s focus is on providing accessible education to adults and children, supporting children’s and women’s rights, and creating programs of economic empowerment for members of their community. They also work closely with other local organizations to help them achieve these same goals in other communities that face economic and social challenges.

Chronically poor or working class, SOPUDEP works with all strata of classes to try and help and bridge those gulfs that exists between them. SOPUDEP is a local leader, who wish for a socially responsible and engaged society; which in-turn, will lead to a unified and strong Haiti.


Visit or Volunteer

Often, when funding organizations or interested individuals want to see first hand what SOPUDEP is doing in the community, it is necessary to visit. It’s the live interaction and witnessing of daily life that provides insight that reports and photo’s never can.

Word is spreading of SOPUDEP’s excellent work within the international community and so to is the volume of these visitors coming to see the organization every year. To accommodate these visitors, SOPUDEP Founder, Réa Dol – with the help of friends – created a guest house on her property; aptly named Solidarity House. While the house is open to any visitor coming to Haiti; staying and communing with people directly related to the organizations grassroots development work is invaluable.

The house itself is located on the east end of Port-au-Prince, in a serene, lushly vegetated area off Route de Freres. There are two main guest areas that include…

  • The second floor guest area has four bedrooms that sleep three or four people each, three bathrooms with showers, a kitchen, and two balconies.
  • There is also a detached guest house with three large rooms for big groups and a washroom.
  • Both areas have electricity and there is internet access in the main guest house.

Cost per person: $40US a night. This includes breakfast and dinner.

If you wish to go see SOPUDEP and /or other organizations working in the areas of activism and social justice, we can provide guides, tours, and transportation.

  • Guide / Translator: $50 per day
  • Driver and Transportation: $80 – $100 per day, depending on size of vehicle


Sawatzky Family Foundation

The Sawatzky Family Foundation is a Canadian registered charity and was created in 2008 specifically for the support and advocacy of the SOPUDEP organization. After six years, we remain a direct supporter of the SOPUDEP and fund their various programs, including Staff Salary, University Scholarships and the FASA Co-operative.

Suite #355 2-291 Main Street,
Wasaga Beach, ON. Canada,
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Phone: (705) 345-5593