According to his lawyer, Guy Philippe negotiated with PM Ariel Henry for ministerial posts before declaring a "revolution"

By Amitié FM, Jan. 17, 2024

CHIP editors note: other sources have disputed the claims made in this article

Before announcing civil disobedience as the first phase of his "revolution", Guy Philippe had already begun negotiations with Ariel Henry, seeking one of three ministerial posts. 

The revelation was made this week via a voice message from his lawyer Me Reynold Georges, who confirmed that he acted as an intermediary in the negotiations. "Guy Philippe wanted the three ministries responsible for the country's security, namely the Ministries of Public Security, Defense and the Interior. I've already spoken to the Secretary of the Council of Ministers on this subject", Georges suggested. 

This revelation casts doubt on the supposed "revolution" recently announced by the former police commissioner.

A warrant has been issued by the Fort-Liberté public prosecutor's office at the request of a peasant organization. Guy Philippe is due to take the stand on January 26, at the invitation of the government commissioner at the Fort-Liberté court of first instance, Me Eno Zéphirin, to answer charges of criminal conspiracy, assault, and arson which have been brought against him by the farmers of the Coopérative des petits planteurs du Nord in 2004.


Posted Jan. 27, 2024