Ariel Henry is taken to court by local and diaspora lawyers

By Rezo Nodwes, November 15, 2023

On November 6, 2023, Èzili Dantò's Réseau des avocats haïtiens and Evel Fanfan's Actions des Organisations Motivées pour une Haïti dirigée par le Droit (AUMOHD) filed a complaint against Ariel Henry's government for requesting the entry of foreign troops into Haiti. They argue that this request contradicts the Haitian Constitution and violates Haiti's sovereignty.

The purpose of this action is to challenge the request for foreign military deployment. Haiti has experienced more than 10 international interventions that have aggravated disenfranchisement, violence, and human rights violations. Including tragic episodes such as the cholera epidemic caused by UN soldiers. No reparation has been made for these devastating events.

The complaint presents two alternative solutions to counter paramilitary forces without resorting to foreign military intervention:

Apply UN resolution 2653, demanding a halt to arms trafficking to Haiti, mainly from the United States and the Dominican Republic. This resolution is a legal response that respects Haitian sovereignty.

In addition, the lawyers advocate judicial measures involving Haiti's de facto authorities as well as the governments of Canada, the United States and the Dominican Republic. The aim is to bring to justice Haitian financiers and politicians involved in financing terror, rather than resorting to ineffective sanctions.

These initiatives aim to guarantee Haiti's human rights and sovereignty, proposing legal alternatives to counter the violence without resorting to foreign invasions.


Translated by CHIP editors


Posted Dec. 7, 2023