BSAP officers angered by the dismissal of their Director-General Jeantel Joseph

By Alterpresse, Jan. 24, 2024

On Tuesday January 23, 2024, armed and accompanied by their former Director-General Jeantel Joseph, several angry agents of the Brigade de surveillance des aires protégées (BSAP) forcibly closed down the administrative building in the town of Hinche. The building houses various state offices in the economically most important town in the Plateau Central department.

The day before, other BSAP agents, stationed in the commune of Ouanaminthe (North-East department), say they are awaiting command from their dismissed boss during a press appearance.

The BSAP officers are threatening to confront anyone who opposes their protests against de facto Prime Minister Ariel Henry.

They demand the rapid withdrawal of the de facto government's decree that dismissed Jeantel Joseph.

In recent weeks, BSAP officers have openly displayed their support for former police officer Guy Philippe, who was deported from the United States to Haiti on Thursday November 30, 2023, after 6 years' imprisonment in the US for drug trafficking.

Philippe, who has made several trips across the country, claims to be leading a "revolution".

On Thursday November 30, 2023, 55-year-old Guy Philippe was deported from the United States to Haiti on a flight with more than a dozen other people. He was arrested by the Brigade de lutte contre le trafic de stupéfiants (BLTS) in Pétionville on Thursday, January 5, 2017, then extradited the same day to the United States, accompanied by agents of the Federal bureau of investigation.

On Wednesday June 21, 2017, Guy Philippe was sentenced to nine years imprisonment, in the United States of America, for cocaine trafficking.

Still, in a government council on Monday January 22, 2024, the de facto government decided to set up a technical commission to restructure the National Protected Areas Agency (ANAP), which until then had been headed by Jeantel Joseph, a political party leader.

A de facto government order, published on Tuesday January 23, 2024 in the official newspaper "Le Moniteur", confirmed the dismissal of Jeantel Joseph, Director General of ANAP, the department in charge of BSAP within the Ministry of the Environment (MDE).

Appointed on May 10, 2017, Jeantel Joseph is replaced by a technical commission for the restructuring of ANAP. according to the order, the commission is composed of coordinator Frantz Daniel Pierre, members Prénor Coudo, Jean Lyonel Trécil, inspector general of the Haitian National Police (PNH), Verby B. Jean, lieutenant in the Haitian Armed Forces (Fadh), and Jean Neslie Élie.

Article 3 of this new decree, dated January 23, 2024, states: "The mission of the ANAP Restructuring Technical Commission is to evaluate all ANAP activities, ensure the provisional management of the institution and propose to the Council of Ministers all measures facilitating the restructuring and smooth running of the organization".

The de facto government considers it urgent to take all measures likely to facilitate the restructuring of ANAP, which, they claim, is facing serious institutional dysfunction.

Article 5 of the decree states: "The Technical Restructuring Commission is given one month to complete its mission, starting from the date of publication of this decree in Le Moniteur.

Each week, the commission is to submit a progress report to de facto Prime Minister Ariel Henry.

"At the proposal of the Minister of the Environment, the commission's mission may be extended by decision of the Council of Ministers".

The decision to dismiss ANAP Director General Jeantel Joseph initially aroused the anger of BSAP agents, who demand Ariel Henry's immediate resignation.

Posted Jan. 27, 2024