Busta John leads demonstration in Montréal, Québec April 21, 2024

By Travis Ross, Canada-Haiti Information Project, May 10, 2024

On April 21, 2024 Busta John led a march and demonstration of about one hundred members of the Haitian diaspora gathered for a march and demonstration in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Speakers and demonstrators demanded the Canadian government respect Haitian sovereignty, while rejecting a foreign intervention in Haiti. They rejected Canadian "charity" and insisted that the Canadian government not interfere in Haiti's affairs. 

Demonstrators also showed support and enthusiasm for Guy Philippe, who has organized a tripartite presidential council that opposes the recently formed Transitional Presidential Council negotiated at CARICOM.

Busta John runs a popular Youtube channel that focuses on Haitian news and politics. The channel has 233 thousands subscribers.

Bustan John, based in Quebec, Canada, also heads the Busta John Foundation, which claims to support the Artibonite department in Haiti. The foundation's website explains that they raise funds to support health care initiatives, education, and agricultural initiatives. 


Posted May 10, 2024