Bwa Kale: More than 200 alleged gang members lynched from April to June in Haiti, according to CARDH

By Jim Larose, Netalkole, June 25, 2023

According to the latest report published by the Centre d'analyse et de Recherche en Droits de l'Homme (CARDH), 204 alleged gang members were killed in the country during the "Bwa Kale" movement.

According to this quarterly report, published on Saturday June 24, 2023, the total number of alleged gang members killed during the "Bwa Kale" movement was recorded in eight (8) of the country's departments, with the western department topping the list with a total of 158 people killed/lynched, or 77.45% of the total number of cases recorded.

In its geographical breakdown, CARDH specifies that 24 other victims were also recorded in the Artibonite department, 12 in Grande-Anse, 5 in Centre, 2 in Nord-Est, and 3 each in Sud, Sud-Est and Nord.

In order to continue to counteract the climate of insecurity prevailing in the country, CARDH stresses the urgent need for the State to supervise this movement and assume its responsibilities.

The "Bwa Kale" movement, launched on April 24, 2023 in response to the terror imposed by armed gangs in Haiti, has generated tangible results. According to CARDH's report entitled "Impact du Bwa Kale sur l'insécurité et les enlèvements" (Impact of Bwa Kale on insecurity and kidnappings) published on Friday May 26, 2023, this popular uprising has led to a significant reduction in kidnappings and other forms of violence in the country.


Translated by CHIP editors


Posted July 7, 2023