A Cry Arises: Revolution!

Revolution. Together we are strong.

By Berthony Dupont, Haiti Liberté, Jan. 16, 2023

What has changed since Jovenel Moïse’s assassination and over the two and a half years of “Transition” that the de facto power and the so-called opposition – two sides of the same political coin – have made their plaything? Nothing!

On the contrary, the country has been devastated, ruined, and Balkanized. The traditional political class and the government have chosen to get rid of the people through insecurity and poverty.

Things have only gotten worse because the instruments necessary to combat the oppression of the disadvantaged classes have not been used as part of our national liberation struggle.

However, we can only rejoice at the reappearance of the word “Revolution” in the vocabulary of the Haitian people’s struggle. Is this not the fruit of popular resistance finally countering the reactionary character of those occupying Haiti’s leadership in addition to the incredible dependence that the political class maintains with the United States of America which has produces this dynamic?

Indeed, the conditions in which a people lives determine their ideas, their conceptions, and their political choices, Marxism teaches us. It is from this perspective that we must undoubtedly understand this great leap forward towards revolutionary mobilization. It is clear that the mere fact that the people pronounce the word “Revolution” already worries and greatly frightens certain currents, especially those who oppress the Haitian masses. This decisive turn of events is disturbing to them and panics the opportunists since it serves to signify, whether they like it or not, the disappearance of a system and the advent of a new stage in the struggle.

This cry is no different from the one that we have never stopped promoting in these columns with the aim of raising awareness among the masses and rejecting any kind of hegemony or foreign domination.

Revolution is not synonymous with transition or negotiations; it is never mentioned in the negotiating charades of the Transition’s protagonists with the United Nations, the United States, the OAS, or CARICOM. This word carries a more direct message, fundamentally more concrete for the people’s struggle. It expresses the feeling of really wanting to change the old order, to the point of its complete destruction and of replacing it with a new society serving the majority class.

This is why this spontaneous cry of “Revolution” in the recent popular demonstrations shakes the traditional political class subservient to the domination of the comprador bourgeoisie, this class of unscrupulous parasites ensuring the survival of the capitalist system in Haiti.

Today’s fight against the horrible prospect of further American supervision is taking a path which, more and more, opens up new perspectives for workers and peasants, who will have to organize the country’s economy and social life themselves, so that the wealth produced is beneficial to all. Here is the fundamental idea which is now emerging: it is the right of the Haitian people to decide by themselves and for themselves their destiny until this decadent, rotten, and corrupt central state is replaced by a new structure.

Announcing a revolution, even symbolically, is already attacking world imperialism and the system’s advocates. It is an attack on all the leeches attached to the country and in the service of imperialism. This dynamic revolutionary upsurge also makes it possible to unmask the trafficking of the Nation, and they would never welcome this idea with flowers. Because it is an attempt to overthrow the established political, economic, and social order.

This embryonic movement that is emerging requires that an ideological force based on solid class struggle be built. Every revolutionary movement has a program, an ideology, a plan of action to take power and keep it. All revolutionary progressives must support all actions and steps aimed at saving the homeland endangered by a stateless elite. To succeed, the people will refrain from building a bourgeois political edifice for the benefit of the reformists of the political class.

The class struggle and the struggle against oppression are inseparable. This is the only way to save the country from disaster and allow production to be planned in such a way that the organization of society meets the needs of the greatest number.


The revolution is similar to the heroic construction of the Ouanaminthe Canal; it is a collective action involving the participation and support of all, in particular, the conscious and consistent masses.

Demonstrations, strikes, and civil disobedience must continue and multiply against the power in place and its bourgeois sponsors. We must use all possible tools to save this peaceful resistance so that the slogan “Revolution” can rise further, so that it can be taken up by thousands of other voices brandishing signs throughout the country, while raising higher the flag of the fight for socialism.

We must put an end to this never-ending transition. We must sweep away the political rubbish, the propagandists of all kinds of this criminal regime, of social regression, its representatives and its allies of the so-called opposition of the right and the fake left.

There can only be one conclusion: the only way to impose a democratic solution is to dismantle this system of exploitation, so that all Haitians without exception can freely determine their future.

Down with any transitional capitalist government! Long live the revolution ! Long live socialism!


Posted Jan. 19, 2023