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Updated February 19, 2023

Below is an archive of links & reviews to important documentaries on Haiti. 


Another Vision: Inside Haiti's Uprising

By Kim Ives & Dan Cohen, released November 2022

Another Vision: Inside Haiti’s Uprising portrays a revolution brewing in the slums of Haiti’s capital city, Port-au-Prince. Filmed throughout multiple visits to the island nation, the documentary tells the story of the “Revolutionary Forces of the G9 Family and Allies, Mess with One, You Mess with All” and demonstrates how Haiti’s ruling class is conspiring with the United States to suffocate the revolution before it can begin. 

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Canada's Role in Dismantling Democracy in Haiti and the Americas

By directors Pitasanna Shanmugathas & Ryan Ellis, August 2022

Haiti Betrayed

By director Elaine Brière, 2020

Haiti Betrayed reveals how Canada, once seen by Haitians as a constructive partner, conspired with the United States and France in 2003 to topple the democratically-elected government. Seven years in the making, Elaine Brière’s film meticulously reconstructs Canada’s role in the events that culminated in the United Nations-sanctioned coup d’état on February 29, 2004 and the bloody aftermath that followed. 

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It Stays with You: Use of Force by UN Peacekeepers in Haiti

By directors Cahal McLaughlin & Siobhán Wills, 2017

Between 2005 and 2007 UN peacekeeping troops carried out several raids on Cite Soleil, a severely economically-depressed neighborhood of Port au Prince. The raids were targeted against leaders of criminal gangs but scores of other people were killed, including children, and many more injured. This documentary returns to Cité Soleil to examine the impact of those raids on the community and to find out how victims of those raids have fared in the ten years since they occurred.

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Exposing Imperialism in Haiti

By Press TV, Oct 18, 2015

The violent overthrow of Haiti’s President Jean-Bertrand Aristide in 1991 and 2004 coups has ripped aside the democratic pretensions of US and the other major powers. In 1990, Haiti -the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere- brought to power Aristide, its first elected president. In September 1991, Jean-Bertrand Aristide was deposed in a bloody military coup orchestrated by the US. He was eventually returned to power by US intervention, only to be overthrown yet again in 2004.

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Haiti: Where Did The Money Go?

By director Michele Mitchell, 2012

Haiti: Where Did the Money Go? is a 2012 Film at Eleven Media production that was produced, written and directed by Michele Mitchell. Shot in the aftermath of the 2010 Haiti earthquake, the documentary looks at what really happens with the money donated to help with disaster aid.

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Fatal Assistance

By director Raoul Peck 2013

Reviewed here in the New York Times, Feb 27, 2014.

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Haiti: Sounding The Conch Shell For Battle

By director Anne Delstanche, 2012

The story of Cuba's health care mission in Haiti, before and after the 2010 earthquake.

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Haiti: Harvest of Hope

By director Kevin Pina, 2011

Read the review by Haitian journalist Dady Chery

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Haiti: We Must Kill the Bandits

By director Kevin Pina, 2007

The brutal aftermath of the 2004 coup in Haiti, including the essential support role of the U.N. military forces of the MINUSTAH mission that was established in June of that year.

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Aristide and the Endless Revolution

By Nicolas Rossier, 2005

The story of the 2004 paramilitary coup d'etat in Haiti against President Jean-Bertrand Aristide and all the elected institutions of the country. The film describes the arming of paramilitaries by the U.S. as well as the aid embargo and 'destabilization' by the U.S., Canada and Europe that preceded the coup. 

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Rezistans and Haiti: Killing the Dream

By director Katharine Kean, 1997

The political events and human tragedy surrounding the 1991 Coup and the dictatorship that followed.

Watch episodes 1, 2, & 3 on Vimeo.


Bitter Cane

By director Jacques Arcelin & Kim Ives, 1983

An overview of Haitian-U.S. history, and an examination of exploitation in Haiti’s agricultural and industrial sectors, and its impact on American labour.

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