Fanmi Lavalas denounces "majority bloc" inside the transitional presidential council

By Jean Junior Celestin, Le Nouvelliste, May 2, 2024

Fanmi Lavalas (FL) is having a hard time digesting the announcement of a 4-member majority on the Transitional Presidential Council (TPC) which appointed Edgard Leblanc Fils as President of the TPC and proposed Fritz Bélizaire as Prime Minister. 

While hopes for an orderly and peaceful transition are still high, FL denounces a "masquerade orchestrated to guarantee power to the PHTK and its allies". In a press release published on Wednesday May 1, 2024, Fanmi Lavalas deplores a "series of underhand political maneuvers aimed at perpetuating the tradition of corruption and neglect that has kept the country in the shackles of misery".

"Unfortunately, the masquerade that took place on April 30, 2024 at the Presidential Council is a conspiracy to guarantee power to the PHTK and its allies during the transition period and thus perpetuate the tradition of corruption," writes the party in the note, a copy of which was forwarded to Le Nouvelliste.

"Haitians are tired of suffering while the corrupt and their allies profit from the country's meagre resources", the statement read, maintaining that a "true transition of rupture that wants to put the country back on track must be based on the principle of respect for the political agreement of April 3, 2024".

FL remains committed to the people's demands for a new model of governance, which we must prepare together in a true transition of rupture.

In the note, Fanmi Lavalas "vehemently condemns this conspiracy", denouncing the personal interests and anti-democratic practices that are undermining the very foundations of Haitian society.

"A genuine transition that excludes the legal bandits who have ruined the country by plundering state resources could give the Haitian people a glimmer of hope. But personal interests and anti-democratic practices want to destroy all efforts to put the country on the right track, on the road to change", the statement read.

"The Fanmi Lavalas political organization has always believed that power must be at the service of the country, at the service of the most disadvantaged, at the service of the vindicated people, not at the service of a political group that is leading the country towards repeated crises", the statement continued, pointing out that the country's current situation requires a different way of operating for a new state.

FL took the opportunity to congratulate architect Leslie Voltaire, its representative on the CPT, for "his courage, dedication and tolerance, as well as all his efforts to bring people together, to find a true consensus for the success of this transition, in order to offer better living conditions to the population".


Posted May 18, 2024