Fanmi Lavalas reaffirms its determination to negotiate an accord to form a "Sali Piblik" government

By Rezo Nodwes, August 6, 2021

Since the electoral coup d'état that brought the legal bandits of the PHTK (Tet Kale) party to power, the living conditions have continued to degrade: repression, corruption, kidnappings, and federations of gangs that sow terror by massacring inhabitants of working-class neighborhoods, setting fire to their homes and forcing people to flee their neighborhoods.

One of the PHTK's latest measures is to hastily organize another election/selection so that they can stay in power. Doing so on the corpses of the Haitian people.

Things are indeed serious, but the majority Haitian population, including all sectors of society, are aware of the calamitous situation that the PHTK and its international partners have brought upon the country, and they have decided to fight to change the system. The determination and resistance of the population remain unshaken, but the enemy is powerful.

In line with the people's demands, and in order to provide all the necessary support, Fanmi Lavalas has decided to hold discussions with all sectors, because we believe that it is through an exchange of ideas with all political and civil society organizations that we will find a common agreement so that together we can overturn the cauldron (chavire chodyè a).

For Fanmi Lavalas, overturning the cauldron means destroying this predatory, criminal, and imported government, and replacing it with a government that works to provide the necessary services to the population. A government that improves living conditions, facilitates the return home of the daughters and sons of Haiti, and restores our dignity as a sovereign people.

That's why, since November 2018, Fanmi Lavalas has proposed a public security government, "Sali Piblik", to replace the PHTK government, which has never had any legitimacy. Fanmi Lavalas has since remained steadfast in its determination to find an agreement to form a "Sali Piblik" government with Haitians, genuine Haitians, known to be serious, honest and competent, to ensure a transition from the current government of exclusion and exploitation - all for the minority, nothing for the majority - to a new government of inclusion and transparency. This process will be strengthened by the people's choice of representatives in free and fair elections.

Members of the Fanmi Lavalas Executive Committee have been engaged for several months in discussions with other organizations and representatives of civil society to reach agreement on how to implement these changes. Like the population as a whole, Fanmi Lavalas believes that the real solution to the crisis can only come from changing the system. No hasty elections are possible at this time. This transition must clearly show that we have made a complete break with the thieving government that has reduced the country to its current state! People are not about meddling.

Sali Piblik's government will be responsible for: organizing a national conference, rebuilding the judicial system, prosecuting massacres and financial crimes, and bringing justice to the people who are their victims. We must have a new electoral law, a new provisional electoral council (KEP) that will organize free and fair elections so that democracy can flourish again in the country, justice can spread, people can have jobs, housing, food, schools. and security in their communities.

Fanmi Lavalas calls on all militants and members of organizations across the country to remain vigilant and to continue mobilizing to demand a genuine transition through a Sali Piblik government.

Alone we are weak,
Together we are strong,

Fanmi Lavalas Executive Committee
Dr Maryse Narcisse
Mr Joël Vorbe
Dr Jean Myrtho Julien
Agr. Antoine Dessources


Translated by CHIP editors


Posted Jan. 20, 2023