As February 7 approaches, Ariel Henry seeks a new political accord

By Jean Daniel Sénat, Le Nouvelliste, Jan. 15, 2024

Le Nouvelliste has learned from several sources that Prime Minister Ariel Henry, representatives of the international community, and civil society are multiplying initiatives separately with the aim of bringing about a thaw in the crisis. One source told Le Nouvelliste that, as far as the Prime Minister is concerned, he is in talks with players in Haiti and in the international community. "There's a race against time with the Americans, CARICOM, and Ariel Henry. The latter has had several exchanges with various personalities. The international community is pushing for an agreement, believing that Ariel Henry is not making enough concessions. The Americans, however, have no intention of letting him go because there is no clear alternative to replace him. They don't want to take a leap into the unknown", explained this source to Le Nouvelliste. 

According to this contact, the lead negotiators from CARICOM are willing to return to Port-au-Prince to sign a political accord. However, they are waiting for a signal from Ariel Henry. "This may come shortly", the contact claimed.

According to this contact, CARICOM's Eminent Person's Group are willing to return to Port-au-Prince to formalize a political accord. However, they are waiting for a signal from Ariel Henry. "This may come shortly", revealed this contact.

Le Nouvelliste contacted a source close to the December 21 accord, an ally of Ariel Henry. This source, requesting anonymity, indicated that the Prime Minister is indeed holding informal discussions. "Yes, there are informal discussions. The PM has also made appointments in the regions in this spirit of openness. However, he has not yet officially notified the signatories of the December 21 accord" said this source in an interview with the newspaper.

At the same time, Le Nouvelliste has learned of several civil society initiatives aimed at reaching an agreement. A well-known Catholic bishop has already met with representatives of several sectors of national life at the Apostolic Nunciature. According to information obtained by Le Nouvelliste, the organizations that facilitated the December 21 accord have made several proposals to the signatories. Among the proposals is an addendum to the December 21, 2022 accord. This document provides for the HCT to be enlarged to seven members, and for the structure to be given presidential powers.

The newspaper contacted Charles Tardieu, one of the mediators. He confirmed the existence of discussions aimed at resolving the crisis. He declined to comment on the proposed addendum to the accord. "We are currently considering a way out. We have submitted several proposals to the partners. But it's very complicated. Nothing concrete has yet been envisaged. The problem lies with the political players, who don't necessarily have Haiti on their agenda", said Tardieu.


Translated and edited for clarity by CHIP editors


Posted Jan. 20, 2024