Front Uni & the "Collectifs de 30 Janvier" along with other political coalition and civil society groups unite under the "Coalition des politiques pour l'avancement de la démocratie" umbrella coalition

By Vladimir Predvil, Le National, Feb. 6, 2024

Political coalitions and civil society groups including the Collectif du 30 Janvier, Debout Citoyen, Debout Patriote, Front uni pour une sortie de crise efficace et durable, Protocole du 17 octobre, regroupement des organisations sociopolitiques de l'opposition (ROSPO), have formed the "Coalition des politiques pour l'avancement de la démocratie".

This coalition, established in a joint declaration in Port-au-Prince on February 2, 2024, positions itself as a forum dedicated to discussion, proposals, and actions aimed at ensuring political stability, the security of citizens, and the sustainable development of the country.

Indeed, faced with the persistent deterioration of the political, economic and social situation since the installation of the Government of Exception headed by de facto Prime Minister Ariel Henry on July 20, 2021, the signatories of the declaration explained. They denounced that "under this administration, BINUH recorded in 2023 more than 8,400 direct victims of gang violence in Haiti, marking an increase of 122% compared to 2022".

They underline the indifference of the de facto Prime Minister and his ministers to the suffering of internally displaced persons (146,000 in 2023 according to BINUH), resulting from the criminal actions of gangs operating with impunity, particularly in the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area and Bas Artibonite.

At the same time, the signatories express their concern at the Prime Minister's failure to honor his commitments, citing political accords signed on July 9, 2021, September 11, 2021, and December 21, 2022. They point out that the current chaotic situation stems from the actions and inactions of the head of government over the past 30 months, characterized by a personal, incompetent, and ineffective exercise of power.

To this end, they are convinced that keeping Henry in power will lead to lasting unrest and instability, which will be detrimental to economic development, the well-being of the population, and the development of young people, jeopardizing the democratic project of the Haitian people, while pointing out the total rejection of this government by the population.

Concerned by the troubling maneuvers of the Henry government and his entourage to illegally and illegitimately maintain themselves in power beyond the interim period provided for by December 21, 2022 accord, published in the Journal Officiel le Moniteur on January 3, 2023, they affirm their desire to contribute to the restoration and perpetuation of the principles and values of the Rule of Law and Democracy in the country.

"The signatory political and socio-political entities have decided to form the coalition of political groupings for the advancement of democracy. The aim of this forum is to guarantee political stability, security and the rule of law."


Translated by CHIP editors


Posted Feb. 11, 2024