Fundraiser: Translate Haiti Betrayed into Haitian Kreyòl

By Elaine Brière, Go Fund Me, March 14, 2021

Many of you have recently seen my film, Haiti Betrayed, about the struggle for social justice in Haiti and the role of Canada in the coup that toppled the democratically elected government in 2004. 

This campaign aims to raise funds to have Haiti Betrayed translated into Haitian Kreyòl so that people in Haiti will be able to understand the film. The dominant language in Haiti is not French but Haitian Kreyòl.

Since the 2004 coup Haitians have been struggling to regain their democracy. The Jovenal Moise dictatorship that now rules Haiti was elected with Canadian and US support. Now Moise intends to change the constitution and remain in power indefinitely.  It is a crucial time for Haitian democracy. 

This film should be seen by Haitians living in Haiti.  For that to happen the film must be translated into Haitian Kreyòl.

The first step in this project is to translate the English into a Kreyòl text.  Then to find a Haitian media company who can dub the film into spoken Kreyòl.   When completed, the film will be sent to Haiti where Haitian democracy activists  can screen it in poor neighbourhoods with a portable projector and screen to audiences who seldom get to see a film about themselves as actors in shaping the destiny of their country.

Since I first started making this film eight years ago it has been a goal of mine to bring it to ordinary people in Haiti. 

If you want to see this film translated into Haitian Kreyòl please make a donation to this fundraiser, share on social media and send to your friends.

Thank you


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Posted March 18, 2021