Guy Philippe leads protestors in Gonaives who demand Ariel Henry resigns by February 7, 2024

By Rezo Nodwes. Jan. 1, 2023

Protestors led by Guy Philippe declare: "We neither elected nor appointed Ariel Henry. He has until February 7 to step down from the office of the prime minister" as they marched through Cité de l’Indépendance in the Les Gonaïves region.

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On Monday De facto Prime Minister Dr. Ariel Henry's delivered a speech more than 150 kilometers from the Cradle of Haitian Independence, subtly calling for the occupation of the country by "friends" to help organize his "elections". Elections that, according to U.S. senators, inspire no confidence in the public, particularly the inhabitants of Gonaives.

Protestors seemed undeterred as they followed Guy Philippe through the streets. . .

Hundreds of protestors openly cheered ex-rebel leader Guy Philippe, demanding Ariel Henry resign before February 7, 2024. Henry chose not to attend the commemoration of the 220th anniversary of Haiti's Independence. Fervent demonstrations punctuated the day, stretching from Avenue des Dattes to Place d'Armes, marking a remarkable day in Gonaïves.

The triumphant presence of  ex-convict Guy Philippe was enthusiastically celebrated by residents, demonstrating made clear their dissatisfaction with Ariel Henry and his ministers in their corrupt, illegal government.

The protestors believe that Ariel Henry was neither constitutionally elected nor legitimately appointed. According to them, this demonstration marks the beginning of a new struggle to "write a new page of history" and force Ariel Henry to step down..


Translated by CHIP editors


Posted Jan. 7, 2023