Guy Philippe's "Réveil National pour la Souveraineté Nationale" political party proposes he head a Presidential Council to manage a new transition

By Gazette Haiti News, March 5, 2024

Guy Philippe's party Réveil National pour la Souveraineté Nationale is proposing a way out of the crisis. According to party spokesman Rodaille Lundi, the former rebel and his collaborators will be installed this Tuesday at the Palais National.

According Lundi, the transitional council will be composed as follows:

1) Guy Philippe, President

2) Me Durin Duret Junior member ( judge at the Court of Appeal)

3) Madame Françoise Saint-Vil Villier (religious representative) 

All sectors are invited to sign the crisis exit document this Tuesday, March 5, 2024. The Council will be installed at the Palais National today.

According to Réveil National pour la Souveraineté Nationale, Ariel Henry is now a thing of the past and should not return to the country.

Spokesman Rodaille Lundi claims the party is responsible for all the gangs' actions, presenting them as rebels against the current system.


Posted March 7, 2024