Haiti & Caribbean: Political Economy Perspective on the Urgent Crisis of Imperialism. An interview with Dr. Tamanisha John

By Activist News Network, Nov. 30, 2022

Dr. Tamanisha J. John joins the show to discuss her important article entitled, “Haiti in the Caribbean: A Political Economy Perspective on the Urgent Crisis of Imperialism,” published with Black Agenda Report on November 23, 2022.

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Dr. Tamanisha J. John is an Assistant Professor of International Political Economy in Clark Atlanta University’s Political Science Department. Her research focuses on economic hegemonies and their contributions to processes of underdevelopment, whose, has a regional interest in the Caribbean, and her broader research agenda concerns Caribbean development, sovereignty and politics, as well as economic imperialism, financial exclusion, corporate power, and Canadian foreign policy towards Caribbean states. Some of Dr. John’s published works include: “Canadian Financial Imperialism and Structural Adjustment in the Caribbean” published in the journal Class, Race and Corporate Power; and “Racialized Financial Exclusion in the Anglophone Caribbean” published in the Social and Economic Studies Journal by University of West Indies Mona.


Posted Dec. 7, 2022