Haiti Path Forward: Haitian-led 2023 National Security & Economic Development Summit

Pictured from left to right: Former Haitian Senator Steven Benoit, Captain, Dr. Charles Stuppard, US Navy (ret.), Major General Arnold Fields USMC (ret.), Congresswoman Stacey E. Plaskett, US Virgin Islands, Col. Joseph Baptiste US Army, (Ret.) DDS, MAGD.

By EIN Presswire, March 1, 2023

Haiti Pathway Forward's Haiti National Security & Econ Development Summit leveraged the Haitian diaspora as partners to address security & development concerns.

 A thundering call of “Onè! Respè! (Honor! Respect!)” rang out throughout the floor to kick-off the Inaugural Annual Haiti National Security and Economic Development Summit at the Organization of American States (OAS) and Capitol Hill February 23-24, 2023.

The Summit was graced with the presence of Congresswoman Stacy E. Plaskett, who served as a keynote speaker. We were also honored to have Major General Arnold Fields USMC (ret.) among us.

The purpose of the summit was to engage high-ranking officials, community leaders and highly influential clergy within the Haitian Global Community and the US Government to help craft policy that will affect sustainable change and development for a better Haiti.

“Per capita there are more foreign non-governmental organizations and religious missions in Haiti than in any other country in the world,” said Maybelle Jadotte, MPA, Executive Director of Haiti Pathway Forward, and organizer of the summit. “The goal of our organization is to cut across the activity and convene the brightest, most experienced and diverse minds inside AND outside of Haiti, to propose and deliver the informed policy needed to restore function to government and safety, dignity and relief to the Haitian people. In the long term we aim to look for opportunities where we can leverage the Haitian Global Community as partners, starting here in the United States, to help influence foreign policy towards Haiti. There is an old Haitian proverb, ‘The Constitution is paper, bayonets are steel’. We are here to prove that the pen is just as mighty as the sword”.

The goals of the summit were:
• Assess and re-define international foreign policy and practices toward Haiti.
• Discuss Haitian led Haiti National Security Plan.
• Increase understanding of Economic Development drivers and blockers, and existing policy.
• Define a framework for a comprehensive and transformative pathway to a prosperous Haiti.
• Discuss the role of the Haitian Diaspora, and how it can be leveraged as a force multiplier to influence US foreign policy, assist in Haitian government policy development, and public affairs.

The summit closed with spiritual leaders in attendance, speaking powerful words of unity, faith and hope for a beleaguered Haiti at the United States Capitol building.

“We cannot give up. We need to keep rising to the moment, raising social consciousness and mobilizing people to action. We must make progress in this generation. Over two centuries ago, a handful of men and women took to the mountains of Hispaniola to later create a nation called Haiti. They echoed the most resounding and meaningful words of modern-day humanity "Liberty or Death”, said Fritz M. Clairvil, MBA, MPA, President of HPF, “Today our goal is to balance peace and justice, promote solidarity and strengthen collaboration to revitalize and restore a secure, and prosperous Haiti for current and future generations, and honor the vision of those brave ancestors whose descendants are still fighting for their country today.”


Haiti Pathway Forward (HPF)

Haiti Pathway Forward is a non-profit coalition of faith-based groups, private citizens and former US military officers, security and development experts from the global Haitian community working to effect positive change in policy towards Haiti in the US and abroad. We work to save lives, defeat poverty, and achieve social justice.

To learn about our work, join the coalition, partner with Haiti Pathway Forward contact us communications@haitipathwayforward.org or call 202-539-9840.

A special note of thanks

We wish to thank Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett, Minority Leader, Congressman Hakeem Jeffries and Congressman Adriano Espaillat. We take this opportunity to thank all the participants who attended our summit, The US State Department, Representatives of Caricom and US Congress, the Haitian global community and all the high-ranking government officials who took the time to listen and exchange with us. Thank you to Dr. Claire Nelson and the Institute of Caribbean Studies (ICS) team and Dr. Monalisa Ferrari and the Foundation for the Emancipation of Women and Girls (FEWGI) team for partnering with HPF.

It was also our pride to have shared this special occasion with Spiritual Community Leaders and members of the clergy of all faiths, who play a vital role in social advancement and came to discuss how we can work with the Haitian American diaspora to improve safety conditions on the island, rebuild infrastructure, better support its democratic institutions and expand pathways for immigrants and refugees.

Maybelle Jadotte
Haiti Pathway Forward
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Posted Jan. 7, 2023