Haiti: UN is concerned about the emergence of self-defense groups in neighborhoods

By Rezo Nodwes -April 1, 2023

In their March 30th report on Haiti,  the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said the emergence of "self-defense groups" aimed at countering gang violence in the country is a "worrying development".

According to the report, "these groups have emerged in several districts of the capital as well as in the Artibonite. Several incidents have already been reported where the population had set up self-defense patrols and/or engaged in acts of violence to protect themselves."

Following the lynching of an alleged kidnapper by the population on Thursday, the gangs have redoubled their violence in Fort Jacques, in the commune of Pétion-Ville. The gunmen burned houses and murdered residents.

The OCHA report explains that "for several months, armed groups have shown increased levels of organization, including with the use of advanced technological means, such as drones."


translated by CHIP editors


Posted April 24, 2023