How should Canada help Haiti? Jean Saint-Vil speaks to CBC's Chris Hall

By Jean Saint-Vil & Chris hall, CBC's the House, July 17, 2021

Listen to the interview - timestamp: 15:33

It's a country in crisis and a democracy in danger. Should Canada help restore stability in Haiti right now, or should it stay on the sidelines of a country in a state of emergency? 

The assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse has plunged Haiti deeper into instability. There have been calls lately both from within and outside of the country for international support.

Former Canadian ambassador to Haiti Gilles Rivard and Haitian-Canadian activist Jean Saint-Vil join guest host Adrian Harewood to discuss what role — if any — Canada should be playing now. Meanwhile, University of Virginia professor of history Laurent Dubois explains how this current crisis fits into Haiti's history.

Listen to the interview - timestamp: 15:33


Posted July 19, 2021