''Insecurity in Haiti is essentially political'' - Fritz Jean

By Francklyn B Geffard, RHI News, April 22, 2023

Fritz Alphonse Jean, President-elect of the Montana Accord, told Radio Canada on Saturday that ''insecurity in Haiti is essentially political, adding "there are links between the government in power, armed gangs and the private business sector.''

Fritz Jean described Haiti as heading towards a humanitarian catastrophe that could result in hundreds of thousands of deaths if nothing is done.

He says that gangs have taken control of the Haitian capital and no one can leave without negotiating with the gangs. He argues that the same situation is occurring in the Artibonite department.

According to Mr. Jean, "money won't address the roots of the problem. If we don't solve the problem of governance the problem of extreme violence is not going to be solved."

Jean, the former governor of Haiti's Central Bank, also denounced Canada's support for the current government. In his opinion, the Canadian government is in cahoots with the criminal gangs operating with impunity in the country. He pointed out that former government ministers have been sanctioned by Ottawa for their alleged connections with armed gangs.

He stressed the need to set up a taskforce made up of competent Haitians and foreign technicians to put an end to gang activity in the country.

Fritz Jean also called for the involvement of Haitian expatriates in efforts to resolve the Haitian crisis.


Translated by CHIP editors


Posted June 16, 2023