Jacques Ted Saint Dic invites the private sector to form a united front & reconstitute a national bourgeoisie

By Germina Pierre Louis, Le Nouvellist, Sept. 1, 2022

Jacques Ted St-Dic is one of the leaders of the Montana group. He urged the private sector to find a consensus around the crisis that is plaguing Haiti. According to St. Dic, this move will provide the private sector legitimacy.

Professor Jacques Ted St Dic, reacting to a letter from the "regroupement patronal haïtien" [Haitian Business Association] concerning the crisis that is effecting the country, classified the letters signatories into two categories: those who hold capital and those who manage it. He concluded "a good part" of the business sector is absent, pleading for a "wider" consensus.

“We think they need to develop a capacity to have a global consensus within the private sector. They must be part of this process. We advised them to form a united block. We believe that they will have to have a project, an action plan, because what they have published has no project or action plan,” argued  St Dic during his participation in the ''Panel Magik'' show on Wednesday, August 31.

“In the short term, they need to rebuild themselves internally to find a broader consensus and that there is no argument over actions to be taken,” St Dic. recommended. He believes that ' "with a united bloc they (the leaders in the private sector) will have greater influence on the political and social fronts. This will allow the country to find a solution to the crisis, to lay the foundations for the reconstruction of a national bourgeoisie, which is necessary for any country ".

“The associations who are signatories to the letter are the same. They are in both groups. They often have family members sign in their absense. They must develop a united front among their ranks”, recommended  St Dic, who questions himself in particular about the overall project. “How can they start from this point to develop the capacity to do politics differently? How can they rebuild a national bourgeois?” he wondered.


Translated by CHIP editors


Posted Dec. 3, 2022