Jacques Ted St Dic of the Kingston declaration denounces the lack of organization by CARICOM's Eminent Person's Group

By Ricardo Lambert, Juno7, Sept. 8, 2023

The Montana Accord representative and supporter of the Kingston Joint-Declaration Jacques Ted Saint Dic gave Juno7 an account of the progress made between political rivals, notably those of the December 21 Accord and the proponents of the Kingston Joint-Declaration, under the auspices of CARICOM's Group of Eminent Persons (GEP).

Saint Dic began by denouncing the GEP's lack of organization. He explained that the GEP had contacted Montana's leadership in the evening for a meeting to be held the following day. The Kingston Joint-Declaration has several signatories who require more than time to coordinate a meeting, he explained..

The meeting finally took place on Wednesday, September 6. For more than two hours, they discussed an agenda that could lead to a general agreement. Following the meeting, the Kingston Joint-Declaration signatories sent a letter to CARICOM's GEP requesting that they be provided with the list of representatives of the expanded December 21 agreement who may attend the meeting. Saint Dic stated that this list has not been provided.

Saint Dic also said that until this Friday morning, the signatories of the Kingston declaration had not received any new invitation from the GEP. The signatories remain open, Saint Dic explained, to continuing discussions with the Prime Minister, including about his resignation. Saint Dic could not confirm, however, the presence of Prime Minister Ariel Henry at these meetings, even though this was one of the conditions for the participation of the signatories of the Kingston Joint-Declaration to continue negotiations.

If CARICOM's GEP leaves on Sunday September 10 without bringing the two political rival groups face to face, it is yet another missed opportunity..


Translated & edited for clarity by CHIP editors


Posted Sept. 17, 2023