Jake Johnston on the USA's role in immiserating Haiti (Podcast)

By Jake Johnston, CounterSpin, Nov. 1, 2019

Also on the show: Listen to this sentence from the New York Times: “Weeks of unrest around Haiti, coupled with rampant corruption and economic malaise, have led to soaring prices, a disintegration of public services and a galloping sense of insecurity and lawlessness.” Weeks of unrest have led to insecurity? Economic malaise causes prices to soar? “Coupled” is the best way to describe the relationship between the unrest and the corruption and/or malaise?

This word salad is the kind of earnest carelessness you exhibit when you’re talking about some place unalterably foreign. Haiti, the upshot is, is just an unholy mess that might not even reward the effort to make sense of. It’s a useful dodge that lets the US off the hook for its past and present role in immiserating Haiti, which is indeed in severe crisis.

We’ll hear from Jake Johnston of the Center for Economic Policy Research.


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Posted Nov. 3, 2019