Jean-Charles Moïse wants to transform the demonstrations into «Dechoukaj» operations

By Haiti Libre, Feb. 10, 2024

After February 7, 2024 and power still in place, the mobilization weakened but Jean Charles Moïse, very motivated, intends to play the extensions, claiming at a press conference to have obtained a consensus with around twenty political parties.

For him, the United States is primarily responsible for the situation and his criticisms are virulent against foreign diplomats who support the Prime Minister. Moïse, very excited, warns that members and allies of the government and their residences will be targets advocating the transformation of the next demonstrations into "Dechoukaj" in order to overthrow the power in place...

Friday, February 9 on a radio of the capital, the leader of the radical opposition party "Pitit Dessalin" admitted having made "a cyclical and unnatural alliance" with in particular the former leader of the rebels Guy Philippe explaining that "he couldn't fight the battle alone "[...] I need to bring everyone together to have enough strength to chase Ariel Henry..."

According to Jean Charles Moïse, these alliances will be limited to the overthrow of the power in place and the establishment of a new government [HL: transitional] According to him, the new Government will be composed of a dozen Ministers ("wise men") who will choose a Prime Minister who will be at the head of the new government which will resolve all the problems (security, CEP, elections, aid to displaced people, justice for victims of criminals and improvement of international relations, etc...)

Should be noted that according to Marta Hurtado, Spokesperson for the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), "anti-government street demonstrations and civil unrest, supported by opposition political parties, have taken place in recent weeks in at least 24 cities across the country, including the capital. [...] who demand the departure of the head of government. Between January 20 and February 7, at least 16 people were killed and 29 others injured, mainly in clashes between demonstrators and police...


Posted Feb. 11, 2024