Leader of Ptit Desalin Moïse Jean Charles visits Russia

By Jean Junior Celestin, Le Nouvelliste, Feb. 23, 2023

Former senator Jean Charles Moïse, leader of the Pitit Desalin political announced on social media that he landed at the airport near St. Petersburg, for a four to five day tour of the Russia.

This visit, he said, will serve to forge closer ties with Russia, which was among the first countries to recognize Haiti's independence.

"Today, we have an interest in connecting the two countries despite the geographical distance," he said, stressing that this visit is not meant to harm Haiti's neighbors, whether they are close. or distant.

“Leaders cannot stand idly by in the face of efforts to erase our country. This is why it is urgent and necessary to work together with other countries,” he said, calling on Haitians everywhere to mobilize to save their country without harming our neighbors.

In his message, the former senator of the Republic explained his view on Haiti's urgent needs. "We need an army to control the territory, a professional police to guarantee the safety of the population, electricity, roads, universities, ports, national production, and science for young people“ he explained.

Jean Charles Moïse said that during his stay, he will visit Moscow and other cities of the Russia to meet young people. He stressed the importance of his visit to Russia at this moment: “we will go all the way no matter the difficulties”.

“Haitian people! I salute you. We take up our pilgrim's staff to continue talking to all the countries that want to help Haiti emerge from the multifaceted crisis. Today, Saturday February 18, I left the country for a visit to Russia. We will go all the way,” the former senator wrote on Twitter.

This is not the first time Jean Charles Moïse has reached out to Russia. On Tuesday August 6, 2019, at the Karibe hotel, the leader of Pitit Desalin met Vladimir Fedorovich Zaemsky, Russian ambassador to Venezuela. A  two hour meeting ensued, where the situation of Haiti and the relationship between Russia and Haiti was discussed.

“The Russians want to offer a lot of opportunities to our country in terms of bilateral cooperation, including scholarships and support for national production. Unfortunately, this agreement was never ratified by Parliament. The Russians are very disappointed with this situation,” he said, pleading for the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and Haiti.

Jean Charles Moïse visit coincides with the commemoration of the first anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia on February 24, 2022.

The former Senator's last known trip abroad dates back to January 2022 , when he visited Nigeria. After the visit, he was arrested at Miami airport by American Immigration during a stop over on a return flight,. He was then deported. His visa was revoked and he was banned from traveling to the United States for five years. At the time, the leader of Pitit Desalin denounced what he called "his illegal imprisonment" by the American authorities and had announced legal action against them.


Posted Feb. 23, 2023