Letter to CBC's The Current: NDP leaders should speak out on Haiti, foreign policy issues

Vancouver BC, February 27, 2012
To: CBC Radio One The Current
I enclose for your information a commentary by myself on today's interview with Paul Dewar that was posted to the listserve of the Canada Haiti Action Network.
My commentary references an article I have published on Rabble.ca concerning the resignation three days ago of Haiti Prime Minister Garry Conille. Two other recent articles that you may find informative are:
* Haiti's housing and shelter crisis still looking intractable, by Roger Annis:
* The Clinton-led plan to privatize higher education in Haiti, by Haiti Grassroots Watch: 
Roger Annis
NDP leadership candidate Paul Dewar appeared today on CBC Radio One’s The Current newsmagazine. The introduction to the 22-minute interview explained, “He is known for his interest in foreign affairs and has been the foreign affairs critic of the NDP for the past four years.” Unfortunately, the lead-in disappointed. The only question of substance on foreign policy was on Syria. (Dewar spoke in favor of economic and military sanctions against the country.)
One month ago, Haiti marked the second interview of the earthquake. Much of the aid and reconstruction effort in the country is under increasing scrutiny for its snail’s pace. The country is deeply shaken by an uncontrolled cholera epidemic and the decision of a lower court judge earlier this month to exonerate Jean Claude Duvalier from standing trial for human rights crimes. Three days ago, the prime minister upon whom the U.S. and Canadian governments have staked much of their credibility in Haiti resigned (see my article today on that subject). None of this warranted a question to Mr. Dewar.
A stonewalling on Haiti and other substantive foreign affairs issues is in evidence during the NDP leadership campaign, including during the French-language leaders’ debate on February 12 that was devoted to ‘Canada in the World.’ The campaign wraps up on March 25.