Letter to Postmedia: Comparisons of Northern Canada and Haiti

Vancouver BC
November 28, 2011

To: Peter O'Neil, Postmedia (Vancouver Sun)

Hello Mr. O'Neil,
How appropriate for your recent column on the housing crisis in Attawapisat, northern Ontario to draw a comparison to the housing and shelter crisis in Haiti. It is a very appropriate comparision to draw. Thank you to you and to MP Charlie Angus for doing so.

We are very pleased to see the Official Opposition begin to act forcefully on the housing and social crisis in the North. We would like to see similar expressions and acts of concern with respect to the situation in Haiti, including from Canada's media agencies, large and small.

I enclose for your information a recent letter that we addressed to the Standing Committe on Foreign Affairs and International Development of the House of Commons. You can also find the letter posted here.  And you will find a shorter letter, dated November 17, addressed to all members of Parliament here. Both letters outline recommended courses of action to our political leaders. We await responses.

Roger Annis
Canada Haiti Action Network
Ph 778 858 5179