Mario Joseph interviewed on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Thursday, October 29, 2010
Tomorrow, CBC Radio One's morning newsmagazine program, The Current, will broadcast a 25-minute interview with Mario Joseph of the Bureau des avocats internationaux/Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti. You can listen to the interview three ways:

* Live on CBC Radio One, following the 9 am news bulletin, in any times zone;
* Live on the internet at You can choose one of four time zones on which to listen. That means you have four choices of time in the morning. The exact time of day in your area will depend on the time zone in which you live. If you are in the eastern time zone, you can listen at 8 am, 9 am, 10 am and 11 am, etc.
* You can go to the program website shortly after broadcast, and listen via "past episodes." Your time frame for doing this is effectively unlimited. Look in the sidebar, not the top bar, for "Past episodes". Tomorrow's broadcast will sit on the home page during the weekend.

On Tuesday, October 26, The Current did a 25 minute story with three invited guests--Joseph Guyler Delva of Reuters, Nigel Fisher of the UN, and Patrick Delatour, Haiti's Minister of Tourism. This is the interview where Nigel Fisher claimed on two occasions that the majority of displacement camp victims are receiving clean water and sanitation services. His description of conditions in post-earthquake Haiti was sharply at odds with what Joseph Guyler Selva described during the same broadcast. Listen here:

--Website editors