Moïse Jean-Charles and Guy Phillipe want to topple Ariel Henry

By Gazette Haiti News, March 5, 2024

They were political enemies for many years, and even crossed swords in Cap Haïtien in 2004. Today, however, Jean Charles Moïse and Guy Philippe joined forces to knock out Ariel Henry.

While the Prime Minister is stranded in the USA, a number of political players are working hard to seize power. In a document made public this Tuesday, March 5, 2024, Guy Philippe's party proposed that he be placed at the head of a new transition to bring the country out of its crisis. 

According to Rodaille Lundi, a spokesman for the former rebel, a Presidential Council comprising Guy Philippe, Durin Junior Duret and Françoise Saint-Vil Villier is to be set up at the National Palace.

Moïse's Pitit Dessalines party supports this proposal. The latter, however, asserts that instead of Guy Philippe, Judge Durin Duret Junior will chair the Council.

Guy Philippe has just been sentenced in the USA after pleading guilty to laundering drug-related assets. He spent six years in prison and, once back in Haiti, pleaded for revolution to change things.

Speaking on Radio Caraïbes, the former presidential candidate asserted that he was part of the process. Moïse also mentioned another actor.  Former senator Jean Hector Annacacis is also said to be in talks. All sectors, including political parties, are invited to sign the proposal for a resolution to the crisis.

Moïse is calling on the ministers in Ariel Henry's government to resign, "otherwise they will be considered enemies of the Haitian people". Foreign ambassadors will also be asked to leave the country if they try to block this process, Moïse declared.

Several days ago, G9 leader Jimmy Chérisier declared that he wanted to oust Ariel Henry from power. On March 2, the "Vivre Ensemble" gangs attacked the two largest prison centers, the National Penitentiary and the Croix-des-Bouquets Civil Prison, and released several thousand prisoners, including members of gangs.

According to the Miami Herald, the Toussaint Louverture airport was attacked by bandits on Monday March 4. But they were pushed back by the national police and the Haitian armed forces. 

Ariel Henry left the country on Sunday February 25 for Georgetown, Guyana, to take part in the 46th meeting of CARICOM, before heading "to Nairobi, Kenya, to finalize the deployment of the MSS [Multinational Security Support Mission] with Kenyan authorities and those of other countries on the African continent". A week later, there is no news from the government as to when the Prime Minister will return, threatened with removal from office by armed gangs who have been creating a climate of terror in Haiti for several days.


Posted March 7, 2024