MOLEGHAF Denounces the US-Imposed “Accord for Peaceful Orderly Transition” in Haiti

By David OxygèneMOLEGHAF, April 14, 2024

Once again, organizations and political parties, intertwined with the civil society above them, disrespectful of the masses, plunge Haiti into an abyss without bottom, bearing the name, POLITICAL AGREEMENT FOR A PEACEFUL AND ORDERLY TRANSITION. After more than 13 years of domination and exploitation of the neo-duvalierist PHTK political regime, and US imperialism, CARICOM has taken on the role of intermediary, renewing power for these criminal parties and organizations. It offers them all possible privileges and advantages to continue making the children of Haiti suffer more under their yoke and tribulations. How long will this conspiracy take, again?

All discourse and claims of “SALI PIBLIK” have fallen. All discourse and claims for the birth of a “PEACEFUL TRANSITION” falls. The popular masses find themselves in a situation where only the imperialist discourse, to tame a peaceful transition in their books, remains the only rooster crowing at the moment. This appears as clear as rainwater, the enemy of the popular masses in their own country; that is to say, the enemy of the oppressed masses goes to sit with the racist CARICOM to prepare a separate transition cake on the basis of their multinational security mission to enter the country. 

MOLEGHAF does not agree, in any form, for forced occupation to enter the sacred land of Papa Desalin [Father Jean Jacques Dessalines]. Occupation is contrary to the groups, organizations, and parties in the “peaceful transition” under the orders of US imperialism. However, we will continue to assert our position against all armed groups under the control of the bourgeoisie and the CORE GROUP that sow chaos, killing the poor and the miserable, who end up passing all their miseries in sweatshops, in public markets, standing on the streets to sell scraps produced by the same uncontrolled death-producing system. The only solution for the masses is to resist and revolt under the principles of our ancestors in the ceremony of Bois Caïman, with Jan Jak Desalin in Crête-à-Pierrot. Just as the Father of the Nation Jan Jak Desalin said: “Anyone who wants to remain a slave, let them come out of the fire; anyone who wants to die like a free person, let them stay in the fire.” In this sense, MOLEGHAF tells all groups – organizations and political parties that want to remain slaves to the CORE GROUP and CARICOM – to be spewed out by their masses. All organizations that want to stand upright with respect for all, stay by the side of the masses.

This is a decree without a stitch, without faith or law, which gives the final whistle for the occupation forces to enter the country while left and right bowing under this criminal document, clearly proving their consent. History will judge all right-wing and pseudo-socialist petit bourgeois elements who accepted to go on CARICOM's path to liquidate the country and all the hopes of the masses who never stopped bearing the cost of U.S imperialism and its allies. Once again, the masses are caught in an act of betrayal. There is no eraser in history!

There is no novelty for anyone living in this catastrophic situation that is crushing all layers of the poorest people. The recent events provoked by the CORE GROUP on February 29th, not a drop of rain. Large-scale scenes of massacre, expensive life, workers' revocation, peasant struggles, not a factory product on the courts. It is a collective demand for change in our lives that leads to this crisis. Mobilization of the poor and the miserable in the sweatshops for social assistance, and wages, until the owners close the doors, and send them home without pay, which exacerbates the crisis at all levels. We must not forget, it is the hard-working peasants without land everywhere in the country, to denounce the grip of big multinational investors on their backs, stealing land to make industrial estates that are causing what we are living through.

To conclude, this reminder: we must remember it is the resistance of the disadvantaged masses against the projects of men and women of warlords in all departments of the west, metropolitan areas, to make them run away from the spaces where they founded their social, cultural, and economic life, which is responsible for this sharp crisis. How can conscious people make a political agreement on the gravity of the situation, not listen or see, but decide to return the masses to the same road to misery? On the voice of bourgeois democracy that has been oppressing them for more than ten (10) years? It is against the sovereignty and the self-determination of these people that the political groups did not act against the imposition of a multinational security mission to put US imperialism more comfortably in the country and to accept its vision.

In short, from January to April 2024, the masses have already been resisting in the face of inflation exceeding 22.9%. Every day they have no money to fight against the rise in prices that they are eating, drinking, and dressing, not to mention where they will live. Their living conditions become even worse. Workers, laborers, peasants, and small traders, are in a generalized crisis. While the capitalist class invader weakened Haitian agricultural production and reduced a good half of the peasantry, almost the whole country had to plunge into sweatshops to reproduce their lives. However, Haitian agricultural production cannot stand on anything, the peasants have no other choice, they deliver themselves to their masters and depend on colonial food. This, despite the incapacity of the system, is trying to make investments to continue keeping these oppressed masses in unparalleled slavery. The poor and the miserable cannot stay still. From dawn, when the roosters give their first calls, they have to rush to get to the gates of the sweatshops, to save their workday. After work to return home, all their courage has already been exhausted under the wheels of the sweatshop machines. Despite all calculations, this does not prevent their living conditions from deteriorating even more. If we observe today, almost all of these sweatshops have closed in the western department. Workers and laborers hang their arms. Unemployment is increasing even more. We are facing a drop in the population's living standards like never before. Meanwhile, many people are dying because they cannot respond to this glaring misery. In all the history of the Haitian people, as everyone can see, it is the first time the masses have reached such a low point. Their material and existential conditions are degrading. The question of the people is becoming insignificant about this little piece of land. In the face of the tragic situation, the masses must resist and revolt while MOLEGHAF continues to have a single vision in this historic struggle.


David Oxygène, Secretary General of MOLEGHAF, Port-Au-Prince, Ayiti, 14 April 2024


Posted April 21, 2024