The Montana Accord's Bureau de Suivi advocates for a new transitional governing body

By Alterpresse, Jan. 4, 2023 

In a New Year's Eve message to the public, the Bureau de suivi de l'accord (BSA), a governing body of the Montana Accord, called on Haiti's lifeblood to set up a genuine political transition, in order to break with all the bad and harmful practices of governance.

The BSA invites all those who have no connection to criminals and the corrupt, those who are not involved in violent or financial crimes. to join it in this quest for change.

The BSA reiterates its determination to fight for the restoration of the country's institutions, which have been destroyed, and of constitutional order, in order to combat crime in all its forms, corruption, and impunity.

Between Wednesday December 6 and Thursday December 14, 2023, CARICOM's Eminent Person's Group (EPG) visited Haiti for the fourth time to discuss their November 2023 transition framework project, which aims to facilitate a way out of the crisis.

At the end of this visit they expressed their willingness "to return to Haiti, once the stakeholders have made significant progress in their informal discussions and have clearly indicated their willingness to enter the final phase of negotiations".

CARICOM's draft transition framework proposes setting up a transitional government structure to end the prolonged political stalemate in Haiti is one of the proposals in

According to the EPG, this transition should make it possible to "address the security crisis, pave the way out of the political impasse and pursue a sustainable return to legitimacy, democracy, and normalcy, through free, fair and inclusive elections".

The BSA argues that sovereign national conference is unavoidable. They assert that it will neither endorse nor accept any fraudulent elections aimed at imposing, once again, a corrupt government and parliament that will work against Haiti's interests.

"We are fighting for credible, honest, transparent, and democratic elections, in which the population has full confidence to participate and exercise its political rights".

The BSA says it wants to meet with all national and international players to help bring the country out of the chaos in which it finds itself.

The BSA says it is ready to lead the political dialogue if the other players and it define and agree on the principles that should apply in any proper negotiations, whose main objective is the interests of Haiti.

The BSA goes on to say that unity is the only way out of the state's internal occupation, which uses gangs as a militia to destroy life and liberty.

The de facto government, the BSA warns, uses gangs to maintain power without a mandate, serving the interests of foreign powers and its local allies. "Haiti must not continue to live under the domination of ruling gangs", the BSA declared. 

In a speech delivered on Jan. 2, 2024, Henry stated: "The time has come to get Haiti out of insecurity, out of its bad situation"..

"During the year 2024, all citizens will be able to circulate freely, in calm and serenity, in all districts of the capital, Port-au-Prince, and in all areas throughout the country", Henry promised, during a speech made after placing a floral offering during a ceremony in homage to the heroes of the Patrie, at the Altar of the Patrie, in the Champ-de-Mars, Port-au-Prince

According to Ariel Henry, 2024 will be the year to begin the fight for change.

During 2023, the de facto government took no real steps to curb crime and kidnapping, providing the population with more unfulfilled promises.


Translated and edited for clarity by CHIP editors


Posted Jan. 19, 2023