A new declaration signed by eight politcal parties concerned about Haiti's new classification as an authoritarian regime

By Alparete Lenz Beth Ferlyn, Universel Magazine, Feb, 7, 2023

On February 7, the political parties UNIR, LAPEH, GREH, PHTK, MOPOD, OPL and PITIT DESALIN - all signatories of the joint declaration of January 30, 2023 -  shared their alarm in response to Haiti classification as an "authoritarian regime under international standards for representative democracies."

The declaration recalled that February 7, 1986 was the "blossoming of the democratic spring." A "national consensual project" that culminated in the "Constitution ratified by the people on March 29, 1987."

The declaration explains that the "democratic project carried by the 1987 Constitution has been tarnished by the leaders who have succeeded each other over the past three years." It goes on to describe Haiti as "a failed State." The current conditions, they argue, make Haiti "eligible" for the American Global Fragility Act. They attribute this to the "low score of our country compared to objective indicators such as the periodic renewal of political personnel, political pluralism, a functional government, and the participation of citizens." 

“These signatories to the joint declaration of January 30, 2023 renew their commitment to favor the higher interests of the country over personal or particular interests and ambitions linked to the conquest and exercise power", the declaration explained. They claim they are "aware of the real issues and challenges of the moment"

These parties promise to meet other players in the political sector and civil society groups - those who are interested in restoring and consolidating the powers of the state, through negotiation and compromise.


Translated by CHIP editors


Posted March 7, 2023