Open letter to the President of the United Nations Security Council: Reject the US imperialist decision on Haiti

Open letter to the UN Security Council President,, published April 24, 2023

SUBJECT: Request for review of an imperialist decision by a permanent member State of the Security Council, the United States of America; an evaluation of the level of application of Resolution 2653 (2022) and the establishment of the independent commission to evaluate the various UN missions in Haiti from 1993 to 2023.

President of the United Nations Security Council, Mr. Vassily A. Nebenzia.


Mr. President of the Security Council,

The signatory organizations salute your presence, in this month of April 2023, in the rotating presidency of the Security Council of the United Nations Organization (UN). We want to express our concern after the imperialist decision of the United States of America, a permanent member State of the Security Council, plan to impose a ten (10) year plan developed for Haiti, a founding member state of the UN, while confiscating a part of its territory. We would also like to ask the Council that you chair to examine the level of implementation of Resolution 2653 (2022) and put on the agenda our request regarding the dispatch of an independent assessment mission of the various UN missions deployed for about 30 years. in Haiti, from 1993 to date.

We have taken note of the announcement in your work agenda of a high-level public debate of the Security Council on April 24, 2023 under the theme: "Effective multilateralism through the defense of the principles of the Charter of the United Nations". You plan to have "a global and strategic forward-looking discussion on the formation of a new multipolar world order based on sovereign equality, equal rights and self-determination, justice and security, friendly relations and cooperation between nations in full respect of the proposals and principles of the Charter of the United Nations where the UN can act as a central mechanism to coordinate the interests of member states in their actions aimed at achieving the purposes of the Charter of the United Nations."

Mr. President of the Security Council,

In view of this open debate set for April 24 on the principles of the UN Charter, shouldn't the violation of the right to self-determination of the Haitian people by this suspicious strategy implemented by the US government be raised? Of their intention to impose a ten (10) year plan for Haiti through a process called: "Strategic Framework" / 10-year plans to implement the US Strategy to prevent conflict and promote stability in collaboration with Haiti (US Department of State, March 27, 2023)? Is it a Security Council resolution that authorizes you to dare to plan the future of Haiti through your Ministry of Foreign Affairs? Is this procedure based on the principle of equality or the other principles of the Charter of the United Nations? Is this not a serious attack on the sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity, and unity of Haiti?

On what basis can the United States government's supposed good intentions to decide a ten (10) year plan for Haiti lie? A brief look at the history of relations between the two countries, from the 19th century to the beginning of this 21st century, may be useful.

1- In the 19th century

In 1862, the United States government finally agreed to recognize the independence of Haiti 58 years after the exceptional Haitian anti-slavery revolution of 1804. This independence was strongly minimized for more than half a century by North American politicians, who were strongly attached to slavery. It was not abolished in its territory until 1865.

In 1858, the United States of America, still in favor of slavery, seized a part of Haitian territory, the island of Navase, which was nevertheless included in Haiti's constitution.

The legal act used to justify the US government's invasion of the Haitian island of Navase is the GUANO ISLANDS ACT. This arbitrary law, adopted on August 18, 1856, declared "any uninhabited island rich in guano discovered by an American citizen anywhere in the world a possession of the United States." Successive governments of the United States have exploited this law for their exclusive benefit, which remains their colonial territory to date, in 2023. For approximately 165 years the guano and other resources of the island of Navase have benefitted the United States. 

Mr. President of the UN Security Council,

We, the signatories, believe that special attention will be paid to Haiti during the next open debate scheduled by the United Nations Security Council for April 24, 2023. It should be noted that paragraph 13 of the Resolution 2653 (2022) states that the UN "Requests all Member States, particularly the States of the region acting in accordance with their domestic jurisprudence and legislation and international law, to inspect on their territory, including at seaports and airports, all shipments destined for Haiti, if the States concerned have information that gives them reasonable grounds to believe that these shipments contain items whose supply, sale or transfer is prohibited by paragraph 11 of the resolution, in order to ensure the strict application of these provisions."

Six months after the adoption of this resolution announcing sanctions and an end to criminal activities in the territory, can we, given the spread and intensification of violence by armed gangs, say that this provision has been applied and security in Haiti has improved? Worse still, is it forbidden to suggest that avenues for the repeated perpetration of kidnappings, massacres - some more horrible than others, and tragic forced displacements of the population, is part of a general strategy to convince the public of the inescapability of a foreign military intervention?

This open debate on April 24 and the meeting on Haiti scheduled for April 26 at the United Nations will be an opportunity for Member States to assess, among other things, the implementation of this resolution, as well as our request for sending a commission to evaluate the UN mission and, above all, whether the principles enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations are being respected. Among these principles, we name:

The principle of self-determination: Does the United States of America have a UN resolution authorizing its Ministry of Foreign Affairs to draw up a 10-year plan for another member state, Haiti? Has the UN agreed to contradict its own guiding principles?

Stewardship in respecting the right to life: Does the United States have the right to allow arms shipments to be dumped, with impunity, into Haiti? Constantly fueling bloody incidents in Haiti? Le Nouvelliste even reported that there are more civilian deaths recorded in Haiti than in Ukraine (Ref / Le Nouvelliste /March 21, 2023/More civilians die in Haiti than in Ukraine).

The End of Colonial Territories and Sovereign Equality: As the United Nations moves into the fourth Decade for the Eradication of Colonialism (2021-2030), hasn't the time come to end the colonization of the island of Navase by the United States of America? It should be noted that this seizure by the United-States blocks the full enjoyment by Haiti of its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), a provision of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

We, the signatories, thank you for your attention and ask you to accept, Mr. President of the Security Council, our highest consideration.

-Haiti, April 23, 2023


Signatures follow:


Alternative Socialiste (ASO) / Jean Hénold Buteau et Jean-Paul Bastien 

ALBA MOVIMIENTOS, ChapitreHaiti/Islanda Micheline Aduel 

KONAKOM, Dunois Erick Cantave 

Latibonit Kanpe pou Ayiti (LAKAY) / Paul André Garçonnet 

Inisyativ Patriyòt Maryen (IPAM) / Hugues Célestin 

Mouvman Revolisyonè pou Liberasyon Mas yo (MORELIM) / Nelio Petit-Homme 

COMIPOL/ Ernso Ertilus et Julio Fils Cham 

Osnel Jean-Baptiste / Journaliste engagé 

Union Nationale des Normaliens-nes d’Haïti (UNNOH) / Peguy Noel 

Kolektif Solidarite, Idantite ak Libète (KSIL) / Rudolph Prudent 

Centrale Nationale des Ouvriers Haïtiens (CNOHA) / Dominique St Eloi 

Konbit Ayisyen pou Lojman Altènatif (KAYLA) / Francia Pierrette 

Obsèvatwa pou Egalite (OPE) / Jean Claudy Aristil 

Platfòm Ayiti Vèt (PAV) / Saico Jean Michel Sévère 

Union Syndicale des Transporteurs Haïtiens (USTRAH) / Venès Junior Many 

Asosyasyon Viktim Masak Leta nan Katye Popilè yo (AVIMEKP) / Nevelson Jean-Baptiste 

Respect des Ouvriers Haïtiens de la Manufacture (ROHM) / Camito Sainclair 

Collectif des Planteurs Responsables pour l’avancement d’Haïti (COPRAH) / 

Rezo Òganizasyon Nòdwès / Kerby Joseph 

Fowòm Sitwayen nan Sid (FOSID) / Rejean Fontaine 

Sèk Gramsci / Pipo Brutus 

MJPB / André Fritz Blanchard 

Rezo òganizasyon Bèlfontèn (ROB) / Jean Paul Louis Edmond 

ONEDE / Joseph Jacqueson 

GRAGDÈC / Josué Sénatus 

Platfòm Oganizasyon pou Ideyal Bwawon Tonè / Hugues-Capè Mondésir 

MOSSO/AVIMB / Gary Lindor 

Kowòt Patriyotik / Francisco Alcide 

Cercle Grégory Saint-Hilaire / Cilien Luxenat 

MOLEGHAF / Oxygène David 

JEPDE / Pierre Fustin 

Remanbre Ayiti / Desruisseaux Widnel 

Altenativ popile / Jean Dieubon Pierre 

Sèk Janil / Moïse Ibréus 

Armand Joseph Jules / Citoyen engagé 

Brigad Desalin / Ricardo Cabaño 

Fòs Dèlma 32 / Clerveaux Fritznel 

Fanm Vanyan pou sove Souverennte Ayiti / Myrlène Deshommes 

MSTH-ROZO / Mario Maisonneuve 

ESKANP/ Mario Coty 

ROZO/Mirtha Elie 

AJSOCH/ Jean Thony Forest 

FOSYNPO/Gédéon Junior Georges 

FRAKKA/ Francois Philippe 

ZOULA/ Pierre Dieudonné Délice 

Oganizasyon Konbit Aksyon Popilè / James Francisque 

NOUVOLIB / Schneider Alcereste 

PLANARE / Victor Charidieu 

Jean Benoit Daniel Leblanc / Enseignant, journaliste 

Kolektif Atis Angaje (KATAN) / Kébert Bastien 

Syndicat du Personnel Administratif de l’UEH / Jean Bernard Jean Louis 

Konbit Òganizasyon Sendikal, Politik ak Popilè / Josué Mérilien 

Plateforme Haïtienne de Plaidoyer pour un Développement Alternatif (PAPDA) / Camille Chalmers 

Mouvman Leve Kanpe pou yon Lòt Endepandans / Patrick Joseph 


For authentification: 

Camille Chalmers / PAPDA 

Rudolph Prudent / KSIL 

Josué Mérilien / KONBIT 


Translated by CHIP editors


Posted May 28, 2023