The Ottawa Initiative on Haiti: A nightmare for Black Haitians

By Jean Saint-Vil, Jafrikayiti, Feb. 1, 2022

The horses were not the ones behaving “like animals” in September 2021, neither were the 1803 hound-dogs.

In September 2021, a picture which some would later dub “Most Shocking Image of 2021“, made the rounds of world media outlets. The scene took place at the US-Mexico border where several thousand impoverished refugees, were being chased by US and Mexican border police on horseback.

Some folks naturally associated those disturbing images with the vicious assaults that black bodies (male and female, young and old) have incessantly sustained in the United States of North America, over many centuries. Indeed, from George Washington and Thomas Jefferson who used to jump on their horses to chase escaped Africans whom they had enslaved on their plantations to contemporary murders of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and countless others, most people understood immediately why the sight of white men on horseback chasing black refugees inspired outrage and nauseous discomfort. For sons and daughters of Haiti, those images awoke further disturbing associations. Our direct ancestors enslaved on the Caribbean island had faced and fought hound-dogs that were trained by Napoleon Bonaparte‘s army expressly to devour African flesh and blood. It so happens that, during the Haitian abolitionist revolution, some of the dogs proved to be less susceptible to racist conditioning than European Homo Sapiens. History reports that, in many instances, the traumatized dogs refused to attack Africans as they were ordered. In fact, some of the animals turned teeth and rage against their trainers.

Oftentimes, knowledge of history is essential to grasp the full weight of contemporary events. As our beloved ancestor, Dr. John Henrik Clarke, always taught: “The events that transpired five thousand years ago; five years ago or 5 minutes ago, have determined what will happen 5 minutes from now; 5 years from now or 5 thousand years from now. All history is a current event”.

We can dig this! But, what exactly does the image of Haitian refugees chased by police on horseback at the US-Mexico border have to do with Canada?


2022 Reload of The Ottawa Initiative on Haiti

On Friday 21 January 2022, Canada hosted a Foreign Ministers conference with 18 other countries claiming to be preoccupied by the ongoing socio-political crisis that engulfs Haiti. The conference organizers announced “reaffirming solidarity with Haiti and highlighted the importance of promoting solutions developed by and for Haitians“. Several members of the Haitian community living in Canada rejected an invitation to attend the online gathering. They claim the meeting endorses an illegitimate leader named Ariel Henry. The Canadian Foreign Policy Institute (CFPI) and Solidarité Québec-Haiti (SQH) issued a joint statement condemning the Canadian-sponsored conference which they deem to be a dangerous neo-colonial effort to undercut a broad civil society forum known as the “Commission for a Haitian Solution to the Crisis”. 

 Quoting a member of the 13-person Commission, the joint CFPI-SQH statement underscores, among other disturbing facts, that “a tweet put Ariel Henry in power”. See also CBC’s article: “Haitian commission sends message to Canada, U.S. — stop meddling in our government”.

Following the January 2022 meeting, Canadian Foreign Minister, Melanie Joly announced $50 million “aid” to Haiti. This package is said to be deployed “for 9 initiatives that will support health services for Haitians, strengthen Haiti’s security capacity and infrastructure, support sexual and reproductive health and rights and help address food insecurity and other humanitarian challenges“. What could possibly be wrong with such display of generosity?

Without adequate information on what Canadian “aid” to Haiti has effectively serve, over the past two decades, reading this press release one would have no ability to decipher why, far from generating applause, this Canadian-led conference alarms many of us, and it should also raise high concern for you, the Canadian tax payer.

Buried within the sentence are the words “Haiti’s security capacity and infrastructure“. Whose security has past Canadian “aid” helped in Haiti? Are we, once again, reading code words for announced shipments of deadly weapons, ammunitions and tools of repression to the island’s foreign-imposed neo-Tonton Macoute dictators and/or building more jails to subdue and incarcerate the native impoverished population?

Ever since a similar conference took place at Meech Lake on January 31-February 1, 2003, informed individuals and organizations have persistently documented a long list of torments that were brought upon the most vulnerable Haitians by “The Core Group” in the name of a so-called “Responsibility to Protect” doctrine. The Core Group is a strange neo-colonial club made up of the ambassadors of the US, Canada, France, Brazil, Spain and Germany as well as representatives of the European Union, United Nations and Organization of American States established in Haiti.

Just imagine the Congolese, Indonesian, Nigerian and Filipino ambassadors releasing collective statements on who should be Prime Minister of Canada. How would Canadians feel about that?

As I have often described in my publications, constant undermining of Haitian sovereignty by white power alliances had a direct disastrous impact on the ability of Haitians to live safe and prosperous lives on their own Caribbean island. The historical record shows, without ambiguity, that every time Haitians have had brief periods of peace due to the suspension of foreign attacks, the wave of refugees taking to the high seas diminish drastically. The shocking September 2021 images recorded at the US-Mexico border were a logical, even predictable, outcome of the 2003 Ottawa Initiative on Haiti.

The outrageous Core Group has not merely issued statements that influence the course of Haitian politics. These foreigners actually overthrew legitimate progressive Haitian leaders (who invested up to 16% of the Haitian national budget on health care) and they subjected a nation of over 12 million people to a disastrous UN tutelage. Haitian constitutional order has been suspended in favour of foreign-controlled neo-Tonton Macoute dictators who are financed mainly by drugs, weapons and human trafficking. “Can you imagine [Hells Angels leader] Maurice ‘Mom’ Boucher and [serial killer] Carla Homolka installed as Senators in Canada by fraudulent elections led by a coalition of Haitian, Jamaican, Ethiopian diplomats in Ottawa?”

Kidnappings for ransom has particularly terrified Haitians over the past decade. Many foreign-sponsored criminals who run these deadly operations in Haiti have bought huge mansions overseas, including in the suburbs of Montreal. Most sensible people would concur this is no time to further weaponize the forces of evil in Haiti, while pretending it is for the very good of its impoverished population. This hypocrisy must end now!


In what Holy Book is it written:“I was thirsty and hungry, you sent more guns and bullets to my kidnappers“? 

In case you assume I am being melodramatic, please consult the files below for well-documented evidence that persistent collusion exists between the predatory criminals of Haiti and the foreign elements (Canadian included, alas) that support them.

Haiti Betrayed (film by Elaine Brière)

We Must Kill The Bandits (film by Kevin Pina)

Confessions of Haitian Kidnapper Arnel Joseph (text and video by Jafrikayiti)

In a letter where he, rightfully, declines invitation to join the 2022 Ottawa Initiative on Haiti, fellow Canadian of Haitian origin Sociologist Frédéric Boisrond wrote to organizers: “I would like… that representatives of Haitian civil society be invited to participate in the discussions, not as observers, but as stakeholders”.

Indeed, such fake consultation meetings have been organized in the past merely to put a few black faces in the room. Back in 2005, I wrote a similar rebuff to Denis Coderre and Mauril Bélanger, who had come to Ottawa with similar insulting intent and attitude. Frédéric Boisrond proceeds in his responsive note: “I find it disconcerting, difficult and extremely worrying to find Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the same panel as Ariel Henry, whose name constantly comes up on the list of people who are allegedly involved in the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse. Mr. Trudeau should know that Ariel Henry had fired a judge who wanted to question him about the assassination of the ex-president of Haiti. For his own reputation and that of Canada, Mr. Trudeau should ask himself if this is how someone who has nothing to be ashamed of should act.“

Here, I must pull the alarm against a common trap laid for unsuspecting people of good will. The stage is indeed set for what Professor Sherene Razack describes so aptly in her book “Dark Threats and White Knights: the Somalia Affair, Peacekeeping and the New Imperialism“.


A neo-colonial script that turns attackers into victims and victims into culprits!

Dr. Razack writes about “the ways in which peacekeeping violence is largely forgiven and ultimately forgotten”. She describes how, eventually, “race disappears from public memory and what is installed in its place is a story about an innocent, morally superior middle-power nation obliged to discipline and sort out barbaric third world nations”. Modern peacekeeping, Razack concludes, “maintains a colour line between a family of white nations constructed as civilized and a third world constructed as a dark threat, a world in which violence is not only condoned but seen as necessary“.

On January 9, 2020, Radio-Canada broadcasted a documentary titled “Peyi Lòk, Haiti sous influence“. The closing scene features former Haitian President Jovenel Moise. The latter who, in addition to being dubbed an indicted thief by the Haitian justice system for alleged embezzlement of millions of Petro Caribe Funds, has also attracted the anger of the Haitian People because he repeatedly betrayed Venezuela’s legitimate government of Nicolas Maduro at the Organization of American States (OAS), presumably, under pressure from masters in Washington D.C., Ottawa and Paris. Indeed, as multiple demonstrations conducted in Haiti, New-York, California, Ottawa, Montreal, Caracas etc… have shown, corrupt post-coup puppet regimes installed in Haiti and maintained by the Core Group are highly unpopular.

Shocking as it may sound, the Canadian Prime Minister stands, logically, in the company of suspected criminals whom the Core Group has imposed on the Haitian people, via fraud and violence, namely: Michel Martelly, Laurent Lamothe, Jovenel Moise, Claude Joseph and Ariel Henry.

It follows logic that, in foreign-occupied Haiti, “black-face puppet leaders” of the local corrupt regime are set to play the role of buffer for their foreign sponsors/masters. For instance, Michel Martelly’s predictable embezzlement of the $4.2 billion Petro Caribe funds helps to focus attention on pre-supposed “Haitian corruption” AND, more importantly, to divert attention from over $13 billion of Haiti Post-Earthquake Reconstruction fund entrusted to Bill Clinton that were also embezzled.

Brave Haitians, of all ages, from all walks of life, on the island and abroad, have incessantly demanded that corrupt PHTK puppet leaders  2/5/22, 8:31 PM The Ottawa Initiative on Haiti: A Nightmare for Black Haitians – Jafrikayiti 5/15 installed by the Core Group be brought to justice. The culprits’ cover has consistently come from powerful foreign allies, mainly the US and its subservient followers assembled in the so-called Core Group. With KOMOKODA and Solidarité Québec-Haiti comrades, I do insist that all Haitian criminals be held accountable, alongside their foreign sponsors and accomplices.

How many times have we heard the ridiculous statement “the international community (code word for the white power klan) is growing tired of Haitians“? As in: “all these years, we’ve tried to help them the best that we could but, alas, they have once again proven too corrupt to reform”. Brother, please! Let’s keep it real, for a moment!

The objectives facts demonstrate, it is the exact opposite that has been happening throughout Haiti’s existence, particularly over the past two decades. Haitians are sick and tired of its unilaterally-appointed “friends”. Take your arms away from our necks, we cannot breathe! Go away, fout!

As I type this text, it is very cold in the streets of Ottawa-Gatineau. Last week, the temperature dropped to minus 30 degrees Celsius. What African in his right mind would spend all his money to leave a Caribbean island, on a dangerous journey to reach a cold, inhospitable land, from which he/she risk humiliating deportation? As I often say to fellow activists, we, Haitians, did not come here because we heard Ottawa has the largest skating rink in the world. Obviously, Haiti has become a hostile environment for most of its people. So, it behooves us to understand when, how and why this situation came to be.

Yes, paraphrasing comrade Turenne Joseph from Solidarité Québec-Haiti,“ insecurity is a major issue in Haiti. But the country’s sovereignty being constantly attacked is a far more fundamental obstacle to Haitian prosperity.”

As the supporting evidence provided in this text indicates, there is no moral high ground on which any of the players involved in the ongoing torment of Haitians can or ought be allowed to stand.

In other publications I have laid out the history of how the Africans of Haiti struggle to build for themselves an oasis of peace, prosperity and tranquility in the Caribbean. Among other writings, I encourage the reader to consult Time to stop resisting Haiti’s Resistance. The attacks that self-described “white nations” wage against Haiti have effectively never stopped! For instance, the 1825 ransom collected up to 1947 represents well over $40 billion US, even if calculated at minimal interest rates. Please see: Haiti an International Crime Scene. Yet, it must be remembered that the 1825 French ransom was only one of several such episodes of “gun-boat diplomacy” that European military powers used to deprive the young black Caribbean nation of its breastmilk. Haiti never had an opportunity to build its physical infrastructure.

While in this publication I underscore primarily the crimes committed against Haitians by external bandits, this should in no way suggest national bandits do not also contribute to Haitian misery, political disfunction and unrest. One reality does not negate the other. Rather, having taken note of the impact propaganda has on all of us, I expressly opt to focus long overdue attention here on debunking the powerful neo-colonial propaganda machine.


Europeans enslaving our ancestors to enrich themselves is “White History”. African resistance to enslavement is “Black History”!

The year 1455 is when Romanus Pontifex, the Papal Bull issued by Pope Nicolas V, encouraged Europeans to launch vicious attacks on Africans in the name of their invented deity «White Jesus». Since that year, there exist numerous examples of a tandem of 3 criminal Euro-American Ms (Militaries, Merchants and Missionaries) acting synergistically to wreck havoc in the lives of indigenous peoples of Africa and of the Americas, be it in my native Haiti, in Venezuela, Columbia, Mali or Ethiopia.

The record of these attacks is well-established and I will not revisit it here. In the following lines, I posit and describe how, over the past two decades, disastrous Canadian Foreign Policy has played a central role in rendering Haiti inhospitable for its blackest and most impoverished population.

Indeed, there is a racial dimension to the contemporary Haitian story which you might seldom, if ever, see addressed in so-called mainstream media.

Decades after the formal abolitions of racial slavery, decolonization and African national independences, whether it is across the Mediterranean or across the Atlantic, white terror remains at the heart of millions of contemporary Africans’ forced migration.

In his July 1, 2021 speech, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated: “This Canada Day, let’s recommit to learning from and listening to each other so we can break down the barriers that divide us, rectify the injustices of our past, and build a more fair and equitable society for everyone”.

While I welcome this speech, I must emphasize that the injustices that require urgent correction exist not only in the past, but they simmer in our present. These injustices are manifest not only on Canadian soil, as we keep discovering scores of unmarked graves of Indigenous children who fell to brutal colonial European conquest, but also in the practice of racist Canadian foreign policy towards Black and Brown peoples all around the world.


The Ottawa Initiative on Haiti (January 31-February 1, 2003) was disastrous in every way.

It is now a well-documented fact that the Canadian government organized a meeting to plan the illegal and violent overthrow of the democratically-elected government of Haiti for political, ideological and economic reasons. The meeting, called the “Ottawa Initiative on Haiti,” was held at the government’s Meech Lake conference centre in Gatineau, Québec, on January 31 and February 1, 2003, one year before the February 29, 2004 coup d’état.

The extraordinary decisions taken at this gathering of non-Haitians were first leaked to the general public in Michel Vastel’s March 2003 article, published in French-language magazine l’Actualité. Under the prophetic title “Haiti put under U.N. Tutelage?,” Vastel described how, in the name of a new Responsibility to Protect (R2P) doctrine, parliamentarians of former colonial powers invited to Meech Lake by Minister Denis Paradis, decided that Haiti’s democratically-elected president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, had to be overthrown, a Kosovo-like trusteeship of Haiti implemented before January 1, 2004 while the US- subservient Haitian Army, the Forces armées d’Haiti (FAdH), would be reinstated alongside a new police force.

While Canadian soldiers stood guard over Toussaint Louverture International Airport in Port-au-Prince, the president of Haiti and his wife were put on an airplane by US officials before dawn on February 29, 2004. According to world-renowned African-American author and activist Randall Robinson, who interviewed several eye-witnesses, the aircraft was not a commercial plane. No members of the Aristide government and no media were at the airport as Mr. and Mrs. Aristide were effectively abducted and taken to the Central African Republic against their will, following a refueling stop in the Caribbean island of Antigua.

From 2004 onward numerous crimes, massacres, contagions and sexual exploitation (including pedophile rapes) against the people of Haiti have been attributed to the illegally-deployed UN troops.

Their egregious violations of human rights are well-documented, with some studies published, as early as 2005, in the British Medical Journal, The Lancet. Canadian participants in these crimes have also been sheltered from just punishment.

Haiti’s very population is seen as a «threat». The foreign troops were effectively deployed to contain that «threat».

Coup plotters agreed at Meech Lake that the legitimate government of Haiti should be overthrown and the country placed under UN trusteeship. What is the harvest in 2022?

A country that was governed at the time of the 2004 coup by approximately 7000 duly-elected officials (local Kazèk, mayors, legislators, president), 19 years later, on this February 1, 2022, Haiti counts not a single legitimate leader in office to direct the destiny of 12 million people.

Another disastrous consequence of the Ottawa Initiative is that Haiti, a country with no known cases of cholera for the past 100 years, experienced one of the worst cholera epidemics in the world. Over 50,000 Haitians have been killed and nearly a million sickened by cholera since October 2010, when U.N. troops contaminated a major source of drinking water in the country with the deadly bacterium.

Several conclusive scientific studies have demonstrated that this deadly contagion was caused by UN troops (MINUSTAH) who dumped their fecal waste in the Meile, a tributary to the Artibonite River, major source of water for every day use, in the Central Plateau region.

Making the case for foreign take over of Haiti, Canadian politician Denis Paradis, apparently lamented back in 2003, that Haiti’s unemployment rate was as high as 60%, it’s GDP $469 per inhabitant, life expectancy as low as 50 for men and 54 for women, and in Human Development Index (HDI) Haiti ranked 150th, among 173 countries. After 15 years of foreign tutelage, in 2020, Haiti ranked 169th in terms of HDI. Indeed, during the period of foreign occupation (2004 to present), the socio-economic situation of Haitian families has deteriorated dramatically. Over the same period, Rwanda, a country recovering from horrendous socio-political trauma, significantly improved its human development performance, moving its HDI from several points below that of Haiti in 2004 and surpassing it since 2011.

It is obvious that the devastation wrought to Haiti by the 7.0 magnitude earthquake on January 12, 2010 is completely out of proportion with what would be expected in a better-equipped country. Much have been said and written about the utter state of vulnerability in which the earthquake found Haitians. What is less often discussed is why, over 10 years after the quake, despite billions of dollars collected in their name, Haitians are more vulnerable than ever. Here also, the objective facts point to foreign intervention being a main culprit, in the embezzlement of Haitian Relief Funds as well as in the destruction of what little relief infrastructure Haiti had prior to the 2004 coup d’état.

An article titled “Victims of the Storms: A Political Hurricane Hits Haiti” by journalist Kevin Pina was published by The Indypendent, on October 6, 2005. It provides these shocking details: “The political storm took many victims as well, leaving Haiti ill-prepared for the devastation brought by (Tropical Storm) Jeanne. One of its first victims was the Civil Protection Office, following a rampage led by the “freedom fighters” against suspected Aristide supporters“.

Pina continues… “Tropical Storm Jeanne was exactly the type of disaster USAID and PADF’s programs were set up to manage. Components of the Civil Protection Office monitored incoming tropical storms and provided an advanced warning and preparedness network designed to plan a response before disaster struck. Plans included advising communities of approaching storms and preparing for them by storing large supplies of drinking water, food, medical supplies and portable tents for those displaced from their homes.

When Jeanne hit Haiti, these structures no longer existed. All of the trained and competent participants in the program had long been driven out of the area, their offices pillaged and burned. Nowhere was this more evident than in Gonaïves”.

Note: It is now an established fact that said “freedom fighters” referenced in Pina’s report, attacked and murdered many of Haiti’s few trained Emergency Responders with weapons, munitions, political and U.N. military support and protection provided to them curtesy of U.S. and French Government sponsors.

A year after the 2010 earthquake, the Canadian Press revealed internal government documents showing that Canada had deployed 2,000 troops (alongside 12,000 American troops) to prevent any possibility of a “popular uprising” and to prevent Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the president that foreign forces had expelled from the country, to return to his homeland.

Do you remember the responsibility to protect doctrine evoked by Denis Paradis in 2003? Do you remember the post-January 2022 conference announcement of more Canadian “aid” towards Haiti’s Security Capacity and Infrastructure”? Who are they meant to protect? What are they being protected from?


Do Core Group members deny that heavy weapons, which already plague Haiti, are imported by and used under the control of 15 or so foreign-rooted families that monopolize Haiti’s Import-Export?

IIs the Core Group unaware of the deceitfully-named “Haiti Chérie” club which was openly denounced by its former ally, now silenced, kidnapping gang leader Arnel Joseph? Please see Confessions of Haitian Kidnapper Arnel Joseph (links to video and article).

The lingering influence of white supremacist ideology in world affairs is seldom addressed in mainstream publications about Haiti. Yet, it is a key pillar of the Ottawa Initiative and the R2P doctrine on which it was predicated. Indeed, the racial features of the conflict brewing in Haiti are quite visible. The web of connections between the Port-au-Prince-based ambassadors, NGO directors, food importers and sweatshop owners, all of whom live in the same neighbourhoods, send their kids to the same schools and have developed an acute sense of (Apartheid-like) community is an important element that remains to be thoroughly researched, documented and analyzed.

While mainstream media propagates the stereotypes which sustain this mentality of a “besieged class” that must be protected from “savage others”, time and again, the objective facts indicate that several of Haiti’s worst criminals, including those running the kidnapping mafia organizations, are members of that predatory class of ultra-national Haitians who are not of African descent. As disturbing as it may be to address this dimension of the Haitian story, many have come to realize it cannot be constantly side-stepped.

Fellow Canadians, we must beware of a very dangerous climate of intolerance developing in our country. Time and again, we find evidence of our foreign policy fueling violent white supremacist groups in Venezuela, in Ukraine, as I have also clearly witnessed in Haiti. Instead of addressing this highly disturbing and dangerous trend, we see patriotic, law-abiding citizens being attacked, subjected to intimidation tactics and being viciously maligned in media publications. Recently, even Members of Parliament, were being bullied into accepting complicit silence.

Haiti’s oppressed black majority has, for far too long, stood alone, unarmed and vilified for its legitimate opposition to a foreign-rooted and foreign-backed criminal minority represented by the likes of PHTK power barons Michel Martelly, Samir Handal, André Apaid, Rodolphe Jaar and Allan Zuraik of the “Haiti Chérie” club. Several of these men are suspected participants in the brazen July 7, 2021 assassination of Jovenel Moïse, a former PHTK ally and accomplice. See Haitian ruling families create and kill monsters. Similarities abound with the 1915 US occupation of Haiti which resulted in the imposition of a string of light-skinned, U.S.-subservient, dictators ruling Haiti: Sudre Dartiguenave, Louis Borno, Elie Lescot, Louis Eugene Roy and Stenio Vincent.

As in 1915-1934, members of Haiti’s black majority resisting the humiliating occupation of their land today are deemed to be a horde of “bandits” who endanger “private property.” Back in the 20th century the private property being protected by Yankee troops was mostly American. Today, the Core Group’s “responsibility to protect” apparently extends to important Canadian investments in Haiti such as Gildan Active Wear’s sweatshops and Ste-Geneviève Resources’ gold exploration concessions.

In a research paper titled Defining Canada’s role in Haiti, Canadian Armed Forces Major J.M. Saint-Yves writes that:

“While the solutions may sound colonial in nature it is clear that the endemic corruption of Haitian society will prevent the establishment of a sound economic solution to Haiti’s problems under Haitian control. Rather, foreign investment under foreign control is required to establish a new Haitian economy based on industries that will directly benefit the rural Haitian population”.

As we already discussed, the “foreign control” Saint-Yves is calling for is already in place. But, it appears that the results of the racist and imperialist take-over of Haiti have thus far proven to be the kind of ugly orphan no one wants to officially claim as their own.

Haiti is an international crime scene! The 2003 Ottawa Initiative on Haiti was evidently a white supremacist coup-plotting meeting which started a process of systematic destruction of the Haitian state. All the fools who now pretend to be running the country were appointed by the foreign occupation forces who find it convenient to hide behind black-face puppets, many of whom were long known to be criminals. This is why, when the 2010 earthquake hit, I often made the point that what is required is not more «foreign intervention» under the guise of «aid», but long overdue REPARATIONS! (click on link to “Haiti Realities” Video).

How many times must we point out that condescending posturing on the part of slavery-enriched states does not stem from superior moral ground, but rather from shear audacity.


Canada owes Haiti reparations for the disastrous Ottawa Initiative on Haiti

Haitians are not asking for foreign help, we demand a stop to the constant harassment and long overdue reparations. We know they understand English quite well! Will Haiti strike a ceasefire agreement with its White Supremacist Enemies? It is becoming clearer every day that Core Group resistance to implementation of the Haitian-led Montana accord (see documents in English, Kreyòl and French) is actually linked to stubborn, pathological, fear of Fanmi Lavalas, the country’s most popular and well organized progressive political party. Imagine that!

These insatiable imperialist fools are still attempting to block former president Jean Bertrand Aristide from exercising his right to contribute to his people’s development and progress. How barbaric is that?

In 2004, there were 247 medical students at Université de la Fondation Aristide (UniFA) and a School of Nursing was to open in the fall of 2004. As described on their Facebook page, “The February 28, 2004 coup d’etat brought all of this progress to a halt. AFD staff and UniFA faculty were forced into exile or hiding within the country. And in early March 2004 the United Nations/US military forces in the country drove the students off the campus, occupied the site and turned it into a military barracks. The campus remained under the control of foreign forces until 2007 when it was officially turned back over to the AFD“.

Upon their return to Haiti in 2011, Dr. Aristide and his highly-educated, pan-African, progressive-minded Haitian wife reopened the university, as he had promised they would. And, within a few years, 100s have graduated in Medicine, Law, Architecture, Dentistry, Nursing, Administration, and now Agronomy. Thousands of economically-challenged Haitians are receiving quality affordable education. And,this is the man the self-appointed Tarzans make ittheir business to guard Haitians against!?

So, let it be absolutely clear, Haitians never elected fools like CIA stooges François and Jean-Claude Duvalier or Michel Martelly, Jovenel Moïse, Ariel Henry. The objective facts demonstrate that, time and again, Haitians have chosen some excellent leaders to help their nation progress. And, systematically, these leaders have been attacked, sabotaged, kidnapped.

“Every time I plant a seed, you say kill it before it grows” – I shot the sheriff, Robert Nesta Marley.

As we pass another anniversary of the disastrous Ottawa Initiative on Haiti, as diplomats continue to issue empty press releases filled with bold lies and crass propaganda, Haitians continue to die under outrageous conditions. This is no time for bullshit talk. Haiti needs to breathe! The colonizers and their local stooges must be forced to lift their knees off of Haitian necks. We cannot count on or wait for comfortable politicians to experience a miraculous transformation on the road to Washington, Ottawa or Paris. The peoples of Canada, France and the United States must demand a stop to the incessant attacks on Black Nationhood in Haiti.

It is high time that tough lessons be learned from the Ottawa Initiative on Haiti. This cruel experiment for which the impoverished black people of Haiti are paying a high price must end immediately. Imperialism is and has always been a stupid and barbaric enterprise which must be abandoned at all costs. You don’t wish to see hordes of impoverished black and brown people show up at your borders. Then, stop messing around with their native lands! Simple and logical as that!





Posted Feb. 5, 2022