Police operation of the PNH in Delmas 6, G-9 territory

By Haiti Libre, March 17, 2024

CHIP editor's note: Reports indicate Jimmy Cherizier's home was attacked and destroyed. It is unclear if this was a result of the PNH operation inside Delmas 6.

During the evening of Friday March 17, 2024, an operation involving several specialized units of the Haitian National Police (PNH) including the Intervention and Maintenance Corps (CIMO), the Operation and Intervention Brigade Departmental (BOID) and SWAT took place in the Bas Delmas 6 district, “Barbecue” territory. The aim was to unblock roads as part of a strategy to recover spaces occupied by armed gangs in recent days , in order to facilitate the free movement of citizens.

Several members of the G-9 were killed during the violent clashes and intense exchanges of fire with the police at Delmas 6 and 8.

Firearms were seized and roads unblocked with heavy equipment from the Special Police Unit at Bas-Delmas. “We do not know the number of weapons recovered. We were told that several bandits were killed but I do not have the exact number,”  Lionel Lazarre, coordinator of the National Union of Haitian Police (SYNAPOHA), said.


Translated and edited for clarity by CHIP editors. 


Posted March 23, 2024