The Protests Continue in Haiti

Several Russian and Chinese flags can be seen among the protestors. 

By Thomas Peralte, Haiti Liberté, Oct. 19, 2022

Several photos of the protests are available on Haiti Liberté's website

Commemorating the assassination of Jean-Jacques Dessalines on October 17, 2022, the popular masses demonstrated in several major cities of the country such as Les Cayes, Jacmel, Miragoâne, Cap-Haitien, to name a few.

The common slogan of all the demonstrations was the resignation of Prime Minister Ariel Henry. The demonstrators took advantage of exposing the imperial plot to invade the country. The flag of Russia and the People's Republic of China were present in all the streets.

In Port-au-Prince this Monday, October 17, after laying a wreath at the foot of the statue of Dessalines on Heroes' Square in the Champ de Mars, Moise Jean-Charles of the Pitit Desalin Platform and the crowd marched on Avenue John Brown (Lalue), then Martin Luther King (Nazon) to join another rally at the Carrefour de l'Airport in order to go in imposing numbers to the final destination, the United States Embassy in Tabarre. 

According to them, the United States is mainly responsible for the ills of the country. They also denounced the rise in the price of petroleum products, as well as the withdrawal of the government requesting military intervention.

MOLEGHAF also contributed to the mobilization on the 17th of October.

Demonstrators denouncing imperialist countries such as the United States, France, Canada and the IMF.

In Les Cayes, agents of the Departmental Unit for Maintaining Order (UDMO) repressed the demonstrators by shooting at the demonstrators, while also throwing tear gas canisters to disperse the crowd. Several people were injured.

In Cap-Haitien, the police once again used violence to repress demonstrators. In Port-au-Prince, Senator Moise Jean-Charles was nearly injured when police exploded a gas canister very close to him.

When weaponry and armored vehicles arrive from United States and Canada, the police repression will be even more ferocious!


Translated to English by CHIP editors


Posted Oct, 23, 2022