Ptit Dessalines leader Moïse Jean-Charles announces new protests demanding Ariel Henry resign

By Rezo Nodwes, Jan. 30, 2023

Twenty political parties and popular organizations including Ptit Desalin announced a new alliance that aims to force Prime Minster Ariel Henry to resign. According to a statement, demonstrations were announced for February second. 

The signatories include Clarens Renois of UNIR and Himler Rebu of GREH. According to former senator Moise Jean Charles, there is an institutional vacuum since Thursday. It has become necessary for Mr. Henry withdraw from the Primature, as he is no longer fit to lead the country.

Moise Jean Charles spoke in solidarity with the families of the police officers murdered by gangs in Liancourt, imploring activists to do the same..


Translated by CHIP editors


Posted Feb. 11, 2023