The Real Problem With Haiti, By Jean Saint-Vil

Confused line of accountability in post-coup Haiti is no mistake but a convenient shield

By Jean Saint-Vil, Gatineau Quebec

Is it not criminal to organize a sham election whereby $29M was spent supposedly on elections logistics yet the names of people killed since the January earthquake were not even removed from the electoral lists? Meanwhile, since October, scores of human beings are dying of cholera which experts now confirm have been imported to the island, likely by the foreign troops. Yet, in these elections, the people are denied the opportunity to vote for the most popular party whose leader (Aristide) is kept in exile. How is this any better than the election recently held in Burma?

I keep reading "we gave millions to Haiti”. We did no such thing, folks! We gave millions to CIDA, U.S. AID, Oxfam, The Canadian Red Cross, the U.S. Red Cross, the International Red Cross etc... We must garner the courage to ask those who received this money what was done with it. Some did good works. Some obviously did not! If you transfer money from your left hand to your right hand, it is foolish and cynical to keep asking your neighbour why he does not look any richer for it.

As I watched the painful electoral mess yesterday, I am mindful of the shocking statement made by the Assistant Secretary General of the OAS, in front of myself as well as several other witnesses at Haiti’s Hotel Montana, on December 31, 2003: “The real problem with Haiti” said Luigi Einaudi, “is that the ‘International Community’ is so screwed up & divided that they are actually letting Haitians run Haiti.” Less than two months after Einaudi uttered these words, U.S. Marines entered the residence of Haiti’s president, while Canadian RCMP soldiers secured the airport to facilitate the coup and occupation of Haiti. Since that fateful night, Haitians are no longer running Haiti and the bloodbath the foreign invaders claim to have intervened to avoid has reached unprecedented proportions, with full involvement of the UN forces engaged, time and again, in what can only be defined as class and race warfare.

Haitians keep saying every which way they can that Einaudi's assessment was and is wrong. But, what do Haitians know, anyway? We have a "responsibility to protect!", as it is our manifest destiny to do so, right?

So Tarzan after Tarzan keeps proposing and trying ways to solve the "real problem with Haiti":

“The proper solution for the problem of Haiti is creation of an international trusteeship, one that will allow for the institutions of the Haitian state to be rebuilt and to be made effective, prior to transition, under international stewardship, to a fully self-directed democratic state with an effective market economy. However, it is acknowledged that the intervention/ trusteeship solution has been attempted before in Haiti, and it has failed. The long history and unique culture of this country have given the Haitian people a strong sense of independence and nationhood. This poses a considerable challenge to the international community – to develop and implement an approach that will be perceived as legitimate by the Haitian nation, and not one simply imposed by outside powers"..

Incredibly enough, the above quote from the article titled "The Case for International Trusteeship in Haiti" by Major Michael T. Ward is posted on an official Canadian Government website!

Obviously, Haitians do have problems and Haitians have no choice but to assume responsibility to solve them. Many in Haiti and in its diaspora have been trying desperately to do so for years. But, it would be helpful if everyone could assume the part of responsibility which is theirs in the current situation. For, let it be clear, this failure which we all observed on November 28, 2010 is, in no small part, that of the post-coup Haitian regime and of its U.S., Canadian and European sponsors. Since the 2004 coup, Haiti has had puppet "governments" put in place to shield from accountability the international puppet masters who are really running the show.

The hypocrisy must and will end! (with or without the assistance of "mainstream" media).