Report on changes in living conditions from poor neighbourhoods into earthquake survivor camps

From Bidonvilles to Camps: Living conditions in the Corail, Cesse-Lesse and La Piste de l'Anciennne Aviation de Port au Prince earthquake survivor camps [translation of report title]

Report produced under the direction of Ilionor Louis, professor at the State University of Haiti, March 2013

This report is one of the most comprehensive, long-term sociological studies on three camps in the Port-au-Prince metropolitan areas following the earthquake: Canaan (Kanaran), Corail-Cesselesse, and Piste Aviation. The mixed-methods analysis documents the changes to people's living conditions in the transition from shantytown to camp: economic opportunities, violence, family structure, and social unity.

This offers one of the most complete, holistic accounts to date documenting the deterioration in the urban social fabric. Professor  Ilionor Louis (, the chair of the Department of Development Sciences at the School of Ethnology, the State University of Haiti, assembled a team of graduate student researchers. This work is an example of the need for a critically engaged public university in Haiti, and its role in action research.

You can download and read the report (in French) here. 84 pages