Several major political parties did not sign de facto PM Ariel Henry's December 21 Accord

By Jean Daniel Sénat, Le Nouvelliste, Dec. 30, 2022

More than 600 entities have already initialed the December 21 Accord named the "National Consensus for an Inclusive Transition and Transparent Elections", according to Jean Vilmont Hilaire, a "facilitator" for the Accord.

This Accord claims to provide "political balance" by creating a High Council of the transition (HCT) of three members, and the organization of elections to allow an elected government to take power on February 7, 2024. Representatives from the political sector, civil society, and the business sector have already been appointed to the HCT.

Several major political parties have not, however, signed the agreement or categorically oppose it.

Le Nouvelliste has learned that Fanmi Lavalas, PHTK, and OPL are among the political parties that have not signed the Accord. Apart from the Fusion party, the ten parties who received the largest share of votes during the last presidential election of 2016, including PHTK, Pitit Dessalines, Fanmi Lavalas, LAPEH, and Renmen Ayiti, have not signed the new Accord..

The political party National Union for Integrity and Reconciliation (UNIR/INI-AYITI) published a statement clarifying their position: It underlines that it did not sign the agreement of December 21.

“UNIR believes that this Accord does not provide what is essential to stabilize the country: an inclusive compromise and a broad consensus. UNIR has worked over the past four months to create such a consensus with several political entities." 

UNIR criticized the December 21 Accord, pointing out that "the HTC entrusts representatives of Civil Society and the Private Sector to voluntarily put aside party affiliations and considerations, which is a weakness of the Accord".

UNIR points out that the Accord must be favorable to Haiti and not to the signatories because they are promised positions in the government and the administration.

"Once again, the Haitian people will not benefit from such an agreement. Haiti is forgotten,” denounces the party led by Clarens Renois.

Le Nouvelliste contacted former MP Jerry Tardieu, leader of the En Avant party for comment. According to him, En Avant is in favor of any inclusive initiative aimed at obtaining sufficient national consensus for a successful transition.  “However, while considering the December 21 Accord to be a step in the right direction, En Avant did not sign it" he explained. "We believe that the consensus is insufficient and that important points should be discussed in a thorough and transparent way."

En Avant pleads "we need a major political summit. This political summit must facilitate debate and discussion in complete security, including participation of all sectors of national life." the statement said.

En Avant warns that It is crucial to point out that the political parties must remain “outside” of any participation in the transitional government because it would automatically give them access and privileges which they will use for the benefit of their candidates during the next election.

During a press briefing on December 22 in Cap-Haitien, former senator Jean Charles Moïse, leader of the Pitit Dessalines party, was also very critical of this new Accord. The former presidential candidate rejected out of hand the formation of the HCT.

For Jean Charles Moïse, who has established a "Konsèy tranzisyon pèp souvren (KTPS)", the formation of the HCT only reinforces the power of the Prime Minister, who is taking control of the various state institutions. He believes that this new Accord with not do anything to resolve the current crisis.

Speaking at the Karibe hotel on December 29, the representatives of the Montana Accord also rejected out of hand the December 21 Accord. “Faced with the magnitude of the crisis in the country, the coalition supporting Montana were flabbergasted to learn that government officials, along with certain members of the private business sector, political parties, and civil society organizations have decided to come together to confirm and endorse the catastrophic record of the current Prime Minister and his government. By congratulating his efforts, they have extended the term of his one-headed government for a minimum of 14 months, “said Fritz Alphonse Jean during this press conference.


Translated by CHIP editors


Posted Jan. 3, 2022