A Shameful Meeting in Jamaica

De gauche à droite : Moise Jean-Charles de Pitit Desalin et Line Balthazar du PHTK

By Isabelle Papillon, Haiti Liberté, May 31, 2023

Under the diktats of the imperialist powers, Haiti's political class has ransacked the country and undermined its institutions.

Instead of showing solidarity with the current popular movement the imperialist countries are preparing another humiliation for Haiti. They prefer to concoct villainous, unworthy alternatives to block popular movements from emerging from their calamity.

Experts in the service of the imperialists invited the puppets in the Haitian political class to meet in Jamaica from June 11 to 13, 2023 at the Conference of the Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

The United States, Canada, France, and the Dominican Republic have been working with the United Nations Security Council to occupy Haiti. An occupation that will further debase the historic and symbolic role that Dessalines' country has played as the cradle of the anti-slavery and anti-colonialist revolution that changed the history.

Jamaica and the Dominican Republic have repeatedly shown how ready they are ready to lend a hand to the imperialists. Both countries support a military intervention in Haiti.

The saddest thing is that these so-called Haitian leaders consider this invitation to be a great honor. Moreover, these individuals recognized as leaders have no popular or constitutional legitimacy. They were simply imposed by the new settlers, represented by the diplomats of the Core Group. 

A majority of the Haitian leaders summoned to CARICOM are meaningless in regard to popular representation. They are: de facto Prime Minister Ariel Henry, Myrlande Manigat of the HCT, André Michel of the SDP and the December 21 Accord, Jacques Ted Saint Dic of the Montana Accord, Emmanuel Ménard of Force Louverturienne, Evalière Beauplan, Dr. Maryse Narcisse by Fanmi Lavalas, Edgar Leblanc from the OPL, Jerry Tardieu from En Avant, Line Balthazar from the PHTK, Sorel Jacinthe from the Inité Platform, Clarens Renois from UNIR, Claude Joseph from EDE, Jean Hector Anacacis from LAPEH, Jean André Victor, Moïse Jean-Charles from Pitit Desalin, Pierre Espérance from RNDDH, Gédéon Jean from CARDH, and Vélina Élysée Charlier from Nou Pap Dòmi.

Other invitees include: Jacky Lumarque, Fritz Deshommes, Rosny Desroches, Novia Augustin, Daniele Magloire, Marie Bernadine Jeudy, Camille Chalmers, Chavannes Jean-Baptiste, Josué Merilien; Wilhelm Lemke, from the Association of Haitian Industries (ADIH), Laurent Saint-Cyr from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Pastor Frinel Joseph, Father François and Houngan Acacia.

In order to get these political leaders to develop an overall project, three questions must be answered: What provisional measures related to governance are necessary in the run-up to a general elections to restore confidence in the transitional government and ensure that it can deliver on its commitments? How can credible general elections to choose a legitimate government representative of the Haitian people be achieved? What fundamental reforms are needed to ensure that the current crisis is not repeated?

Three former prime ministers of the region were hired to mediate negotiations between these so-called leaders, - Perry Christie  from the Bahamas, Bruce Golding from Jamaica, and Dr. Kenny Anthony from Saint Lucia. This initiative is an attempt to alleviate the animosity between these imperial lackeys and to unite them against the threat to their legitimacy: the organization of self-defense committees in the various working-class neighborhoods.

Bwa Kale is a real popular movement in the making. The imperialists want to ward off a possible confrontation between these so-called Haitian leaders and the Bwa kale uprising. Their main objective will be to contain Bwa Kale followed by an attempt to strengthen the position of the corrupt political leaders. A majority of whom are presidential candidates who want to continue neoliberal policies at the behest of Washington.

Shame on the imperial lackeys!


Translated by CHIP editors


Posted June 6, 2023