US Threatens Haiti with Intervention

By Aaron Mate & Katie Halper, Useful Idiots, Oct. 28, 2022

While independent media like Useful Idiots try to cover all the important news that corporate media purposefully ignores, Haiti is an especially overlooked story. The US, with its hooks deep in Haiti’s elections, businesses, agriculture, and daily life, has slowly drained the country of autonomy.

Jemima Pierre, associate professor at UCLA and the Haiti-America coordinator for the Black Alliance for Peace, joins us this week to explain what is actually happening in Haiti.

She tells stories of US coups against the government, the purposeful destruction of the Haitian rice and pig industries to prop up those of the US, threats to activists calling for sovereignty, and even a door in the Haiti palace marked: “US OFFICIALS ONLY.”

Jemima also points out that Haitians have begun flying Russian flags: “Unlike the people in the US who believe everything they hear in the mainstream media about Ukraine, I think everyone outside of the US understands that what's happening in Ukraine has everything to do with pushing and maintaining US power. Haitians see Russia as a counterweight to US imperialism.


Posted Oct. 30, 2022