What a Shame! CELAC aligns itself with the interventionist position of American imperialism

By Berthony Dupont, Haiti Liberté Feb. 1, 2023

We at Haiti Liberté, strongly denounce the Buenos Aires Declaration made on January 24, 2023 at the seventh Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC). This denouncement regards their alignment with the imperialist obsessions of the United States, France, and Canada under cover of their tool, the United Nations, to encourage a new military intervention or a force to occupy our country Haiti.

We had the feeling that something was wrong and that the organization had been derailed since CELAC had taken care to invite de facto Prime Minister Ariel Henry to this prestigious assembly and to welcome him as Provisional President.

In addition to this, CELAC interfered with Haitian sovereignty by supporting the so-called December 21 Accord. Another plot of the United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti (BINUH) to interfere in Haiti's affairs.

This decision clearly demonstrates how CELAC ignored the political reality of in Haiti and the struggle of the Haitian working masses for fundamental change.

For the record, we reproduce below the two paragraphs, numbered 101 and 102, of the CELAC Declaration of Buenos Aires referring to the socio-political situation in Haiti.

101. We reaffirm what was expressed in the "Special Declaration of CELAC on the need to provide support to the Republic of Haiti because of its implications for peace and security in the region", adopted on September 19, 2022. In this sense, we reiterate our deep concern over the gradual deterioration of the public security and humanitarian situation in the Republic of Haiti, calling on all Haitian political and social actors to reach the necessary consensus to deal with the serious humanitarian and security crisis afflicting the country.

We recognize the need to reach a regional and extra-regional consensus which, on the basis of the principle of international cooperation and with the consent and participation of Haiti, will enable it to lend its support to deal with the proliferation of the crime organised, fight against illicit arms trafficking and strengthen the security of citizens.

Likewise, we highlight the sub-regional, regional and international efforts to support the process of dialogue between the government and the various political parties and institutions of Haitian society with the aim of drawing a roadmap that will allow them to emerge from the complex crisis that afflicts them.

We take note of the Haitian government's continued efforts to further broaden consensus among Haitian political actors and civil society. We welcome the signing on December 21, 2022 of the document entitled "National consensus for an inclusive transition and transparent elections".

We urge the government to continue its policy of openness to the various sectors of national life, with a view to making democratic institutions operational as soon as possible, as soon as the security environment and technical means allow it.

We encourage member countries that have the opportunity to explore the options presented by the Secretary-General of the United Nations in his letter of 8 September 2022 to the President of the Security Council (S/2022/747), with a view to participating in the specialized multinational force requested by Haiti to help the Haitian security forces fight against the proliferation of organized crime and the illicit trafficking of arms and ammunition, to eradicate the gangs that have taken the country hostage, to prevent the free movement of people and health care and hampering preparations for the organization of free, transparent and inclusive elections.

We recognize the need to reach consensus at the regional and extra-regional level, based on the principle of regional cooperation, with the consent and participation of the Republic of Haiti."

Haïti Liberté reiterates that it is the same imperialist powers that have exploited our resources and our workforce, sabotaged our efforts to launch Haitian democracy through multiple coups. which have destabilized the country on all points and which have led us, today, into this political and economic quagmire. In no way can they liberate us from their barbarism, the cornerstones of global capitalism.

In the meantime, we thank the popular political and social organizations of the CELAC countries who have shown their solidarity with the struggle of the Haitian working masses.

We affirm that only through the active, conscious, politically organized Haitian people that things will change. This change will come from all exploited and oppressed social categories standing up against exploitation and colonization. From these masses will emerge revolutionary patriots who will work for the construction of a dignified and strong Haiti, capable of defending itself against imperialist aggression.

No to any American, Canadian and UN intervention in Haiti! May CELAC get out of this quagmire of shame and denounce this interventionist project! Arrêtez! Basta!


Translated by CHIP editors


Posted Feb. 19, 2023