Human rights lawyer Brian Concannon on the failure of OXFAM & foreign aid in Haiti

By Media View, Al Jazeera, Feb 13, 2018

Brian Concannon, a human rights lawyer and the executive director of the Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti speaks to Al Jazeera about the OXFAM sex scandal.

Concannon comments that the OXFAM scandal is "just the tip of the iceberg" and that "there is a long history of foreign interventions by the aid community in countries like Haiti, and other countries that are poor."  He also notes that Haitians have suffered from other sexual abuse scandals at the hands of UN occupations troups - MINUSTAH -as well as other humanitarian groups like Christian Aid.

Concannon points out that aid groups like OXFAM are ultimately accountable to their major donors, and not to the people an communities they are delivering the aid to. Consequently, the priorities of Haitians and their communities are often disregarded by aid agencies. 


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Posted Feb. 21, 2018