Three Days of Reporting from Haiti on Democracy Now

Democracy Now! broadcasts from Haiti for three days running, six months after the earthquake.

On July 12, host Amy Goodman talks with  Patrick Elie, a political advisor to President René Préval; Beverly Bell, associate fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies, director of the economic justice group Other Worlds, and author of "Walking on Fire: Haitian Women’s Stories of Survival and Resistance"; and with residents of Camp Corail, one of the hundreds of camps of earthquake victims.

On July 13, Goodman interviews Sean Penn in a full hour interview. Penn is director of the JB Haiti Relief Organization. It helps to finance and operate one of the largest camps in the Port au Prince region. You can link here to that interview.

The July 14 broadcast is the most informative of all. It includes the following interviews:
* Residents of Champ de Mars camp in central Port au Prince.
* Kim Ives, editor of Haiti Liberte, speaking on social class, land ownership and the failed relief and reconstruction effort.
* Attorney Mario Joseph of the Bureau des avocats internationaux (BAI) speaking on the Haiti Interim Reconstruction Commission. 'A non-military coup d'etat against Haitian sovereignty,' according to Joseph.
* Sister Mary Finnick of Mathew 25 Guest House, speaking on the relief camp in her neighbourhood and the absence of the large international relief organizations.
* Malia Villard Appolon, coordinator of KOFAVIV (Committee of Women for Survival), speaks on the measures women and men are taking in the relief camps to safeguard women from sexual assault, inlcuding the indispensable assistance they receive from the BAI.