Beverly Bell interview: Agriculture and food in Haiti

July 24, 2010--On today’s broadcast of Redeye, the weekly news and current affairs program on Vancouver Cooperative Radio, Beverly Bell is interviewed and provides an excellent review of the situation of food production in Haiti. She describes the resistance of Haitian peasants to the poison pill gift of 475 tons of hybrid corn and vegetable terminator seeds that the U.S.-based Monsanto agricultural conglomerate is trying to foist upon the country.

Ms. Bell concludes the interview with an excellent summary of what a truly just and sovereign food policy in Haiti would consist. This is a “must listen” interview for anyone wishing to know more about the conditions of Haitians who earn a livelihood from agriculture or otherwise struggle to survive on the land. They are the majority of the country’s population.

Listen to the interview at It begins at the 41 minute mark of the third hour of the program.

Beverly Bell is the founder director of Other Worlds, a women-driven, social justice collaborative that supports global movements propelling alternatives. She is the author of Walking On Fire: Haitian Women’s Story of Survival and Resistance (Cornell University Press, 2002) and Associate Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies. She first went to Haiti as a teenager. Since then she has dedicated most of her life to working for democracy, women’s rights, and economic justice in that country. She founded or co-founded six organizations and networks dedicated exclusively to supporting the Haitian people, including the Lambi Fund of Haiti.

You can read a recent article by Beverly Bell on Haiti's agriculture on the Huffington Post, here.